Top Online Games 2015

5 Top Online Games in 2015


Games are forever and for everyone’s happiness. A game should be available anytime, anywhere and in any format, no matter how you want to access and enjoy it. Perhaps, that is what made online games so popular among a large segment of people worldwide.

Whether you are travelling alone, playing with kids, relaxing at your drawing room, watching shows with friends and guests, or spending leisure time on a beautiful beach, your favourite games can accompany you wherever you go. Just carry a tablet or your mobile device with you and enjoy unlimited gaming experience online. This acts as a stress buster and fills you with lots of energies, positive vibes and IQs (Intelligent Quotients).

Above all, you have a great time to spend that you can cherish for the rest of the day.

Top Online Games 2015

Why this upsurge for online games

The rapid expansion of online games attributes to the following factors –

  • Availability of the same game across multiple platforms such as iPhone, Android, PC, Laptop, tablet or any Smartphone
  • Extensive choices starting from exciting casino games such as Blackjack, Video Poker, Scratch games, Arcade games to puzzle-type games, sports simulations, racing games, word games, board games, shooting games and many more
  • Simplicity of playing instant online games – you can play online or just by downloading .exe files in a few quick steps
  • Easy affordability of famous games that you can play completely free of cost or by paying a negligible amount
  • Playability of games as per ages and varying interests that keeps a gamer thrilled and active
  • Exhilarating graphic appeal and highly visual 3D games bringing realistic feel and flavour
  • Technological advancements, high-end gaming hardware and faster internet speed for easy-to-play online game contents
  • Maximum exposure to Social media channels resulting in increased awareness and sharing of game contents in various formats
  • Availability of multiplayer online games that allows you to play with a variety of opponents from all over the world
  • Fresh arrivals of educative, intuitive, social and brainstorming games on a regular basis that develop analytical skills and increase work efficiency
  • Golden opportunity to make real money by playing various paid games and casino games
  • Increasing safety, security measures and standard regulations for online gamers
  • Plenty of how-to-guides, free support, resourceful articles from gaming websites that make online games flexible enough to play at any complexity level

 If you are a fan of online games or about to be one this time, here is a list of 5 top you may give a try. I am sure you will enjoy these latest collections of 2015 to your fullest.

1.Online Blackjack

This is one of the most popular casino card games that you can play anytime, anywhere, from any device as long as you are connected to the internet. You can play it in the fun mode for free or collect some bonuses to strengthen your bankroll and play for the real money. The rules are simple. You play against a dealer and try having a hand with a total of as close to 21 as possible. You keep on placing bets so your dealer will. At the end of the game, both your and the dealer’s hand will be compared. If your hand is closer to 21 you win the battle and the money, of course.

If this game interests you and you want to learn it from experts, visit You will find articles on how to get started and 24/7 customer support for immediate assistance. There are nine different types of Blackjack games you may try one after another. Just download and play the game on your PC, Mac, mobile or play it online for instant access.

Online Blackjack -MansionCasinoUK

2.The Crew

Racing games are always full of fun and adrenaline rush. The Crew by Ubisoft is an open game for players across the world. The experience is so real that you feel like crossing the United States from one end to other without a halt. The intuitive UI, an amazing collection of fascinating cars, exclusive locations, a wide range of activities and explorations and customized options make this game a must-to-have in your kit. The long trips involve full of challenges, competitions, missions that give you immense pleasure and thrill of expeditions. You can go for the trial version of this game on PS4 and Xbox One.

The Crew


This is a game about novelty and creativity. It gives you the feel of your constructiveness and productivity. Initially, the game started with players building structures to protect against nocturnal monsters, but with time, gamers worked together to build imaginative and exciting things. There are a lot you can do with this game to upscale your development skills.  Minecraft was acquired by Microsoft at $2.5bn a few months ago. The game can be played on PC/ Mac, Xbox, Playstation. Its pocket edition is also available for iOS, Android, Windows phone and Amazon’s Kindle Fire.


4.Total Domination

This is a MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) developed by Plarium where players are thrown into a world of creation and destruction. It is you who decide how to restore mankind and build your empire from the ground up i.e. the remains of ancient civilizations. You may do alliance with others or fight against the odds to win the battle. The popularity of this multiplayer game is ever-growing and there are already more than 30 million users of it across the world. An amazing graphical interface, intuitive and interactive voice quests and a community of passionate players make Total Domination one of the top selections in 2015. One can register for free to start playing this online game on desktop as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.

Total Domination game

5.Guild Wars 2

This is one of the favourite games to play in 2015 if you don’t mind paying for it one time. Guild Wars 2 (GW2) is an unconventional game of different flavours for different gaming interests such as adventure, Personal Story, Dungeons, Dynamic Events, Competitive play. Unlike other MMOs, here you can enjoy the dynamic combination of game plans and strategies based on your preferences and actions.

For instance, Dynamic Events takes you through various consequences as you and other players start interacting with each other and the game proceeds eventually. A Personal Story is all about you and your actions during the game. Dungeons can be played in groups and in two different modes – ‘Story’ and ‘Exploration’. Competitive Play is easy to learn but challenging for new players.

Guild Wars 2 by NCSOFT has already bagged over 100 awards and accolades. Mobile gamers can simply download GW2 apps for their iOS and Android devices and play them anywhere, anytime.


So, what you are you aiming at playing most in this year? The above five games are hand-picked and among the top ones in my list. However, it is never easy to mention other popular online games that you may find interesting. If you wish browsing PC games of various genres, reading this article will also be useful.

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