All that you need to know about cryptogames


Choosing among the wide variety of gaming options in cryptocurrency online casinos is a bit difficult, as each game has a particular attraction and great prospects to win.

Bets in online casinos are made in an anonymous, simple, safe, economical, fast and demonstrably fair way. They have an attractive interface, where you can register for free and receive welcome bonuses through Faucets that give Satoshis to start investing and winning.

The player invests and profits in cryptographic currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, among other digital currencies.

Among the main cryptogames we have:

  • Roulette; The most emblematic, traditional and preferred online casino game of cryptogamers for having simple rules and with different modalities at the request of the player.Bitcoin roulette is fast becoming the most played game using crypto currencies. 
  • Dices; They are simple bets with dice and desire guessing if the next number is higher or lower. It is a game full of emotion that inspires the player to invest to win.
  • Video Poker; an online game that gives you three options to choose from; Jacks or better, Ten or better and Bonus Poker, which you choose using the lever in the upper left.

Enter the amount of your bet and press Deal. You receive 5 cards. You can keep any combination. You must finish with one of the 5 winning combinations. It shows you the earnings in the “Rewards” tab. 

  • Black Jack; is an online game where the strategy and skill of the Cryptogamer predominates, it is based mainly on the rule of 21; that is, add 21 points with an ace and a figure, whether Jay, Lady or King. There are several game modes and the best-used technique is based on analysis and strategy with cards already played. You can learn the rules, tricks, and strategies on the web. 
  • Slots; is an online casino game that is among the most popular and where chance prevails. It is about matching three or more images on a single line to start winning. It offers accumulated bets that stimulate the Cryptogamer to keep betting, to take the millionaire prize.

Each online casino is autonomous and creates its own policies. It has a secure platform and support in several languages. They establish how deposits and withdrawals are managed, minimum and maximum investment amounts for bets, and define the active crypto with which you can participate. They have a system to update different currencies every 10 minutes, for players who request the conversion of payments in other currencies. The transactions are carried out through electronic purses, bank transfers and other electronic means recognized and useful for this purpose.

So; Luck!

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