Gaming: Know the Drivers of Its Paradigm Shift


The right to fun and entertainment is elementary. With new generation gaming practices gaining popularity followed by a continuous shift in the use of computing devices, the above statement is true than ever. The revolution of gaming technologies followed by the rising demand of exciting games has moved the whole entertainment model to a new height.

Paradigm Shift

Do you still remember Steven Russel’s Spacewar of 1961 – the world’s first digital video game? Isn’t it a dramatic change in gaming experience as you play Temple Run on Google play today? The popularity of gaming consoles and home entertainment system have taken a backstage today. PS3 and Xbox gaming consoles are no more favourites among gaming freaks.


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It’s the era of mobile and tablet-based games which is going to reign the next few decades for sure. Read this mobile gaming statistics to understand why this gaming industry looks so lucrative to entrepreneurs, large enterprises, developers, mobile and tablet manufacturers and big time investors. You will certainly find the numbers quite inspiring.

According to the Free Trend Report by NewZoo “Mobile games are becoming an increasingly important component of the global industry and currently account for 33% of all app downloads and an impressive 66% of all app revenue. “ The report also shows that there are more than 500 million mobile gamers out of which 175 millions spend money. The growth is substantially high in western countries and in emerging Asian market.

temple run mobile game

Image: Temple Run Played on a Smartphone

Now let us understand what drives this paradigm shift in the gaming industry.

Plenty of free and low cost games: If you go by the list of gaming apps available in Google Play there are eight major categories such as Arcade and Nation, Brain & Puzzle, Cards & Casino, Casual, Live Wallpaper, Racing, Sports Games and Widgets. Each category hosts hundreds of ready-to-download gaming apps. In iTunes alone you can find seventeen different categories of iOS games starting from Action to Casino to Trivia and Word. App store hosts an amazing collection that wins thousands of hearts.

Advanced game development practices: Smartphones and tablets now support advanced data processing capabilities which is required to process data inputs for heavy games and render interactive game visuals. This makes the apps more appealing and engaging to the users.

Support from all around: Online gaming companies have leveraged their resources just to deliver fun and more exciting experiences. Social media platforms like Facebook have also played a significant role in popularising the games. They share their top scores in public, as to most of the gaming freaks, beating the top scorer is challenging as well as virtually rewarding. There are a plenty of online gaming sites that allows you to download as well as experience amazing free casino games online.

More screens, more selections: Smartphone and tablet gaming experience has left gamers spellbound. Budget-friendly devices, choice of screens, excellent portability and a variety of game apps have resolved the limitations of TV and PC based games. When choice comes with affordability the product sells on its own.

Freemium apps: There is an easy saying – “Test before you drive”. This new marketing model has enabled developers to demonstrate the USP of their gaming apps to the users. At the same time Gamers can also test-drive the game before they purchase the full version.

Wireless Gaming: The adoption of new generation wireless technology such as 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi has empowered multi-player gaming. It is as entertaining as you play soccer with a group of close friends next to your courtyard.

Games turning into services: Commercialisation of mobile and tablet based games has motivated publishers and developers to design the games based on consumer preferences. More effort is now put on the beta testing of the games before the final set releases. Publishers look for the profit, developers look for the incentives and consumers expect things to go beyond expectations. Today the launch of a game is more of a skilful art and a calculated decision than just a product release.

Global market field: Both game developers as well as game sponsors have become the part of global gaming initiatives. With greater online connectivity it is easy to localize and develop online games anywhere in the world. There is no technology barrier or geographical distance that can prevent game development in a collaborative environment.

Competition among gaming vendors: Healthy competition not only improves value of a product but also maintains a consistent gap between better and the best. Since more and more gaming publishers and mobile companies join hands together and support each others’ contributions towards the game development it is now a gamers’ paradise.

Quick and better ROI: Gaming products have shorter shelf-life and they sell quickly. However, developers and gaming companies can still make more money by offering newer versions or extended features in their products. The mobile ads have also opened a new dimension for them to earn good money.

The whole story once again proves – changes and demands are driven by consumers and not markets. It is the new technology that drives consumers’ expectations and it is the consumers’ expectations that drive new technology. The bottom line is that gaming, which was purely for fun and entertainment even a few years ago is now treated as an established market place. Thankfully, gamers are the ultimate winners anyway!


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