success of online gaming industry

Reasons to the Success of Online Gaming – The Unavoidable Truths


Gaming is a big multi-billion dollar industry where online games have a little share in it. However, the presence and popularity of online games are never undermined, rather appreciated as Internet is becoming the biggest playground for gamers with time. That old fashioned video games are taking a backstage now.

The way new and fancies games are being offered to web users and mobile users, online gaming is definitely going to be the largest entertainment quotient very soon.

Didn’t you download the favourite games on your iPhone, iPad or Android device yet?

Other side of the coin:

I am sure there will be a bunch of people who don’t take much interest in internet based games. To them online games are addictive, damaging to eyes and loss or wastage of time and money. Though this is partially true, the advantages of online games are many which negate all sorts of criticism.

The growth is ON:

The growing online gaming communities and their ever-mounting demand for new gaming experiences have created a plethora of opportunities among game developers and businesses surrounding that.

It is a fact that people love to live in the world of fantasies irrespective of what they do and what their age are.  They want to enjoy the real adventure of life  in the most safe, secure and comfortable environment. That is an innate urge of any human being. Some express and some don’t , but most wish to fulfil a set of targets and have a sense of pride and satisfaction out of the jobs they do.

Internet based games have successfully won the heart of those who want to make things happen – be it over the internet.

Let us take a look at the growth curve online gambling industry attained in the UK in last 2-3 years.

success of online gaming industry

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Why are people so fond of online games?

Monopoly of life, misery, boredom, mental agony – these are the major drivers of such games being so demanding. There are a series of online games that not only refresh or entertain you but also heal your pain. They are a great pass time for any one at any point of time .

Many online games are of short-time unlike video games. Playing them during the office break or after a long tiresome work can add a great sense of relaxation. Just play a short game for half an hour or so and restore energy for the rest of the day.

Many people especially at a young age have an inquisitive mind. They have wild imaginations of doing different  things at one go, a lot to achieve and  learn new. They have  a zeal in variety of real world activities such as playing big games, shopping, cooking, dressing, fighting, racing, gambling and many more fantasies which are not possible  to fulfil in real world. Playing games online gives them the freedom to satisfy their lusts.

Programmers, game developers  can make a good use of online gaming popularity. They can develop interesting games and keep on adding new flavours to sell them at good price to the websites hosting them.

Advertisers, webmasters and online games websites  can experience  a steep rise in their revenue curve.   Online gaming sites attract large number of visitors to   a site which opens up various other earning avenues.

The introduction to Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) has made online games even more entertaining as you can play such games with friends, family and partners. Nothing can really beat the pleasure you get through group-based games.

Today almost all popular games have shifted from two-dimensional  view / mode to full 3D which allows players to take full advantage of hardware components and play in an amazing environment. It gives them  the feel of  live-in-action and provide them a sense of challenge and accomplishment.

Sometimes games are for all good.  Strategy or role-playing games nourish your decision making skills, keep you super active and prompt in real life emergencies. Casino type games can actually place players in virtual but real bets. They play against other individuals around the world and sharpen their gambling skills.

Online games have a high viewership to a certain class of people, especially the online gaming communities. Many individuals have found numerous social advantages to participating in these popular format of games. In fact they have been able to make new friends having similar set of interests, learn new ways to perform a similar mundane task, understand the psychology  of  people in same line of business and more.

Last but not the least is the monetary value of these online games. If the players are fortunate enough  they can earn high points which can be redeemed to  win attractive gift items or a chance to win cash prizes.  Casino games offered by some of the best casino sites can win you huge jackpots, loyalty bonuses, lucrative deals.

Online games that are favourite to many:

For Kids –  Card games, cartoon network games, animated racing, shooting, Puzzle or strategy

For Youth – Arcade games, sports type games such as wrestling, cricket, football, boxing, bike race, Racing or Simulation, battle field games , terrorist-strike games

For GamblersOnline casino games  such as Jackpot City, Euro Grand, Sun Maker, Gladiator, X-Men

For Girls – Beautician games, dressing games, cooking games and more

How to be a part of online gaming communities?

That is an easy job. There are community websites that allow you free access to play  any online games you want. Some other communities require you to register and subscribe to  the free games .  To start with, join a gaming site you know better, play some free games over there and then if it seems interesting, go for the paid subscription. It is profitable too.

However, if you are real active on Facebook , there are a series of  games like Candy Crush Saga, FarmVille, Dragon City,  Criminal Case, Bubble Safari you can try your luck on. In fact, there is no dearth of online games and gaming communities you can join as long as you stay active and optimistic.

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