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For most of software developers and creative professionals Digital asset versioning is a significant process. It is extremely useful for designers too who work in collaborative platform and access common set of files.

Whether you need to track versions of a file that you are working on or you want to create a collaborative workgroup (for files sharing, online reviews or backups), having a virtual server for all these needs is a must. You need a system that can administer user access; create and manage projects; enable PDF reviews; export and import contents and do more – that too real-time.

Digital Asset Versioning software

Adobe version cue could be the right solution in this regard. Version cue is a computer program that consists of two parts – Version Cue Server and Adobe Drive.

Version cue server can be installed locally as well as on a dedicated computer (for users working in a group). Adobe drive acts as a bridge that helps users to connect to the server.

The connected server much looks like a hard drive or a network drive. Once connected users can access projects, files and compare version-cue managed assets.