How to Design a website for kids? Best practices and trends inside!


Like the adults, kids too of this generation are moving to the groove of technology. Right from the early days, kids of this age use technology even for the basic of needs. Be it for listening to a lullaby, or learning nursery rhymes, technology has become a great part of their lives.

Though most of them do not start using social media portals until they are teenagers, kids do absorb a lot of technological content. Since technology now envelopes every aspect of an individual’s life these days it is important to keep a kid-friendly interface. Too much of complicated design, graphic details and a general dull looking website will obviously fail to grab the attention of the kids. So if you are looking to build a website for the kids, the following tips might come in handy!

Use Bright Colors

Kids are generally attracted to bright colors and the same applies to websites. Bright colors generally grab the attention of toddlers for a long period of time. The look and feel of a kid’s website are most likely to be different than those of the adults. It is fun for designing too since the general rule of color schemes which might be laughed at is all good here.

Create A happy Mood

Like adults, kids too tend to return to a website only when they have a happy experience in the first place. In order to create such a happy mood, different elements can be introduced. In order to create a happy mood, it is advisable to use characters which kids relate too such as Mickey Mouse! Such a happy face creates a cheering and welcoming atmosphere. You can also make use of a beaming child’s face as the focal point for your website.

Natural Elements

While designing a children’s website, it is advisable to use natural elements, such as waterfall, snow, trees, and rocks. Since children have limited experience, they get excited to see elements which they can relate to. Many kids website use different themes depending on the type of product they are selling. It can also be altered depending on the season, occasion or festival, with the right idea in mind and the target audience set sky is the key!

Big Designs

Large designs always works. Be it a big sized button, Call To Action, topography, big things always work. Generally, children are attracted to things that are big, simple and recognizable. Thus in order to increase the effectivity of a website design directed towards kids, it is advisable to use this option.


Kids are inseparable from their favorite cartoons characters. They are always attracted to moving, talking cartoon characters. Multiple sites designed for children use this sort of elements.

Depth in design

Children like imagining, thus a website should be designed in a way so that their imagination can run far and wide. That sort of a feel can be brought in by bringing dept in the design. Dept in design can be brought in by creating different shapes, shadows, shiny objects, and things flying in the air. In order to create amazing designs you can use online tools.

Easy Call To Action and Navigation Button

In order to create an effective kid’s website, it is advisable to keep the navigation area and Call to Action buttons as simple as possible, so that kids can access them easily. In order to make such a website, it is important to keep in mind that kid’s mind works differently from adults. While adults prefer a bit of complexity, kids like things that are simple, big and easily identifiable.


Children do not enjoy cumbersome material which requires extensive reading. They enjoy something they can play with and have fun. Thus it is important to have such interactive elements to increase the interaction level between the website and the kids. But the question comes, what kind of interaction can be used. One way of doing this is through sound. In addition to natural elements, big buttons, sound too attracts the attention of kids.

In order to launch a successful kid’s website, keep it as simple as possible.

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