When Images help you rank higher (5 important things to consider)

Images for SEO

Though most of the webmasters deem images as simply decorative elements, Images are very significant things in helping you rank higher in search engines. Images are not simply decorative elements which enhance the beauty of your site. They can really improve the user experience with easy interpretation and immediate understanding. 

Visual content is way more appealing than textual content. Even a user with zero experience can make out something, by simply glancing at the image. 
Also, providing an image is a very interesting way of delivering information, rather than long, and verbose content.

Images and site speed

Site speed, especially mobile site speed has become a significant factor in search engine rankings. Site speed optimisation, greatly depends on images. This is also a reason, why people miss out on using images.

They think that, images increase the weight of their site and the loading speed would come to haunt them.

But, instead of optimising images for better site speed, Why not consider adding more images then text? Lesser text would also mean a faster site speed. Plus, you can enjoy the multiple benefits of using images over content.

You can say the long things in a very short, concise way. Simply put illustrations about what you want to explain and you are done with it. No need to rattle on about the same thing!

Also, contextual images that you use within your content can help give a better understanding of the content. Google loves sites that provide a better user experience and a site with illustrative images can surely enhance the user experience.

This way, eventually, you’ll rank higher in search engines because of images. Meaningful images that fit perfectly with the content and also don’t substantially increase the site’s loading speed. 
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Are just the perfect one’s to help you rank higher and higher in the search engines. There are however certain things to consider while you endeavour in ranking higher with images.

Behold these 5 things in order to rank higher in search engines through images.

 Use simpler images

  • Images with lots of complication and tiny details are heavy in size.
  • Instead of using images with tiny details and high-quality features,
  • Try using simpler images with broader details and gradients.
  • This way, you can keep control of your site’s loading speed as well as you can provide a good user experience.

Don’t try mixing up two different image types

  • A high-quality photographic image with fonts and letterings on it can create a large file.
  • As JPEG images use higher details, they can form large file sizes.
  • Also, the text on a photographic JPEG image would be unclear and fuzzy.
  • Large size images can increase your site’s loading speed which is not a helpful SEO technique.
  • Instead of superimposing text on photographic images, try mixing text with images that have illustrations.
  • This way, you could maintain the size of the image as well as portray the message you want to portray.
  • You can use photographic, high end images in between of your content, to enhance the meaning of it.
  • But, superimposing text on photographic images is not the right option.
  • Use .PNG illustration images and superimpose your text on them, to see best results with lower resolutions.
  • Also, the text would be very clear as compared to the JPEG format.

Avoid using too many shades and colours

  • More colours mean that the image would be of larger size.
  • Try reducing the colours in the image you are using, be it a photographic or an illustration one.
  • Try using a single shade of a colour instead of using several different ones.
  • Too many colours also appear very heavy to the eyes and are not desired in an image.
  • Whereas a more original image with natural shades and hues can appeal more.
  • Colourful images also sometimes hide the superimposed text which is the highlight of the image.
  • Try using simple images with less colours and effectively reduce the size of your file for better site speed.

Use images which support the content

  • Use images that perfectly fit with the content of your website.
  • Wayward images may look beautiful but, they will drive off people from your site because they aren’t fit with the niche you are working on.
  • For example, a beautiful picture of a model would look very good but, if you are a car part agency, the picture would only help pushing customers away from your site.
  • Use images which clearly describe what you have to provide.
  • Also, if you are using images within the content, they should support and enhance the content.
  • The images should provide value to viewers instead of filling up space.
  • Relevant images could really help you provide the best user experience and eventually you could rank higher.

Image compression

Consider this tactic to save the file size. Try compressing large images with too many pixels into more simpler ones.But, don’t use advanced tools to compress images.

You may think that you have successfully saved a bit of space but, This would not be the actual case. You may have reduced the image size but, its impact on the website would be still a heavy one.

Try shrinking the image in order to reduce pixels. This way, you could save the size, As well as provide a very apt image. Image compression can be very useful. In order to shorten up the image size and use it in an effective way to boost rankings.


  • Images are content and, all content can be SEO optimised.
  • Images can also drive traffic through google image search.
  • Also, google can easily understand your website’s content through images.
  • Consider these 5 important things, in order to rank higher with the help of images.
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