Infographic: How Responsive Design Can Accelerate Your Conversion Rate


Responsive design is perhaps the hottest web design trend in the world. And the reason behind this meteoric rise is the growing popularity of Smartphones and Tablets. With more and more people shifting their focus from desktops and resorting to their mobile phones when it comes to accessing the Internet, it was becoming clearer that businesses with traditional websites wouldn’t be able to survive much longer if they don’t cater to their mobile audiences.

Well, this is where responsive design steps in. Integrating responsive techniques makes a traditional desktop website fit into the screen size of any mobile device perfectly. So, a mobile visitor doesn’t have problems with the irritating navigation anymore. And what can this mean for your business? A responsive website or a mobile website design holds the power to send out great vibes regarding the reputation of your brand. As a result, you will be getting more visitors and the chances of conversion will increase with it.

infographic - how responsive design increase website revenue conversion

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