Are You A Part of This Google Family?

google family

That day I was wondering where we stand without Google. I took a deep breath and several questions came to my mind –

How useful Internet is to us without Google?

What is the use of running a website unless someone finds it through Google?

What is the use of accessing webmail features if it is not on Google’s platform?

What is the use of surfing videos, images or using Smartphones if they are not powered by Google?

What is the use of doing business online if you don’t know Google’s business solutions suite?

What is the use of analyzing website performance if you don’t access to Google Analytics?

The list is endless! Are we so dependent on Google?  If it is what is the reason of it?

 Google is anytime, anywhere and everywhere for you!

google family

To cut it short, I cannot think Internet without Google. I am sure most of the people even keep Google search as their home page on start up. Being a part of Google family itself is an experience which anyone would love to share with others.

If you are one of them, you sure will like to know more about Google and its establishments. Hence the post is dedicated to all Googlers!

Google Statistics – In a Nut Shell

Google Inc – American Multinational Corporation

Founded in – September 4, 1998

Masterminds – Larry Page and Sergey Brin , Eric Schmidt

Original name:  BackRub since the system used to check backlinks to measure importance of a website

Domain name ( registered:  September 15, 1997

Mission statement – to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful

 Company’s unofficial slogan – “Don’t be evil”

Headquarters –  (Googleplex) 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View,  Santa Clara County,  California, United States

Company present in –  23 U.S. and Canadian locations, 23 European locations, 14 Asia/Pacific locations,  5 Middle East locations, and 3 Latin American locations

Server base – one million servers in data centers around the world that process over one billion search requests and 24 petabytes of user-generated data daily. 1 PB = 1015 Bytes

Google is into –  Web search engine, productivity software, cloud computing, office suite, social networking, mobile OS, hardware and advertising technologies.

Subsidiaries:  AdMob, DoubleClick, Motorola Mobility, On2 Technologies, Picnik, YouTube, Zagat

Google products:

1. Web-based products

 A.  Search Tools

  1. Google search
  2. Google Alerts
  3. Blog search
  4. Google Custom Search
  5. Google Groups
  6. Google Finance
  7. Hotpot
  8. Google Hotel Finder
  9. Google Image Search
  10. Language Tools
  11. Google News
  12. Google Scholar
  13. Google Schemer
  14. Google Video
  15. Web History
  16. Knowledge Graph

 B.  Advertising services 

  1. AdMob
  2. Google AdSense
  3. Google AdWords
  4. Google Certification Program
  5. DoubleClick
  6. Google Grants
  7. Google Website Optimizer
  8. Meebo

C. Communication Tools

  1. FeedBurner
  2. Google Apps
  3. Google Friend Connect
  4. Gmail
  5. Google+
  6. Orkut
  7. Google profile
  8. YouTube
  9. Google Bookmarks
  10. Google Reader

D. Publishing Tools 

  1. Blogger
  2. Google Bookmarks
  3. Picasa Web Albums
  4. – URL shortener
  5. Google Drive

E.  Google Business Solutions 

  1. Feedburner
  2. Google AdWords
  3. Google AdSense
  4. Google Analytics
  5. Google Enterprise Search solutions
  6. Google Apps
  7. Google Checkout
  8. Google Local Business Center
  9. Google Merchant Center
  10. Google Trusted Stores
  11. Postini
  12. Google Webmaster Central
  13. Google Ad Manager
  14. Google Maps and Earth Solutions
  15. Google Website Optimizer
  16. Google Site Search
  17. Google Friend Connect

 F.  Development Resources

  1. Google Developers
  2. Google App Engine
  3. Google Closure Tools
  4. Google Code
  5. AngularJS
  6. Dart
  7. Google Go
  8. OpenSocial
  9. Page Speed
  10. Google Swiffy
  11. Google Web Toolkit
  12. Webmaster Tools
  13. Translator Toolkit
  1. Google Map Maker
  2. Google Building Maker
  3. Google Mars
  4. Google Moon
  5. Google Sky
  6. Google Transit 

H. Statistical Tools

  1.  Google Analytics
  2. Correlate
  3. Google Insights for Search
  4. Google Fusion Tables
  5. Trendalyzer
  6. Zeitgeist

 2. Operating systems

  1. Android
  2. Google Chrome OS
  3. Google TV

 3. Desktop applications

  1. AdWords Editor
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Google Earth
  4. Gmail Notifier
  5. Picasa
  6. Google Toolbar
  7. Wireless access

4. Mobile Applications

  1. iGoogle
  2. Google Latitude
  3. Google Reader
  4. Google Calendar
  5. Google Wallet
  6. Google Currents
  7. Google Product Search
  8. Mobilizer
  9. Maps Navigation
  10. Google News
  11. Google Offers
  12. Google Music
  13. Google Sync
  14. Google Now

5. Hardware

  1. Google Search Appliance
  2. Nexus One, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus Q , Nexus 10
  3. Chromebook

 Source of Information: Wikipedia

I will keep updating this page as and when new information is collected. I want this page to have more interesting facts about Google and its operations. If you have anything to share in this regard please leave a comment here.

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