5 Common Misconceptions About HRM


HR management has effects on both individuals i.e. employees as well as organisation. Business owners need to understand and implement HRM right, for best results.

Let’s start from start. What is HRM?

HRM (Human resource management) is a practice of managing and retaining performing workforce for an organisation. The definition itself reads out the importance of an efficient HR management.

No doubt, HR duty is very tough at its real part. But, at the same point it is very heart – warming to see your hires develop their skills and rise high through the time. It feels very different being the first POC (Point of contact) for the employees.

Long story? Short – an efficient HR management may help in every aspect of difficulties at enterprises. Be it talent acquisition, employee retention, payroll, retirement, or employee management, HRM is the only one solution.

Listed below are some benefits of effective Human Resource management-

  • Improved employee turnover
  • Skilled workforce
  • Monthly payroll
  • Engaged workforce
  • Lowered conflicts
  • Satisfied workforce
  • Work culture
  • Training and development

And much more…

What are the 5 most common misconceptions about HR management?

HRM only belongs to HR

This is the most reported misconception. Also, may seem to be very expected for some. Human resource management is not only a sole responsibility of the HR manager but team managers as well. A team performs well, feel connected to company values, etc. also depends on the TL’s behaviour and management skills.

Team leads out there are equally responsible for an employee’s dis-engagement as much as the HR is. Retention should not be the performance KPI only for HR.

Just hire and give out salaries

How many of you really think that an HR’s job is just to fill in vacant seats and pay out every month based on worked hours? There must be a huge percentage of employee base who believe in this. But let me tell you, this is not it. Along with hiring an employee, its onboarding, training, integration to system, filling employee details, monthly payroll, taxation, and much more are prime responsibilities of an HR manager.

On the other hand, it may now look like too much to be done! But there are options like automated HR software solutions available to ease out HR management. These modern solutions hold a gamut of features to make HR a cake walk.

Paperwork! Paperwork! Paperwork!

Well, this is what most of us must have perceived about HRM. But it’s 21st century now. Businesseshave started adopting modern solutions like HRMS solution and payroll software for making their daily operations at work easier and efficient.

So, HR being crushed between papers and repetitive work is getting older. In fact, a myth. Effective HR management and employees can be observed as the backbone of businesses. For which, HR departments are getting modern through such improvised HRMS solutions.

HR often misses out the payroll date

Amid so many responsibilities at HR, like tax filing, PF processing, TDS calculations, payroll component, attendance data, etc. HR person may miss out the date sometimes. Whereas, this can be prevented by some simple steps and avoid conflicts at workforce. Timely payrolls help their HR retain workforce for long.

Simple step in the sense, adopting modern available solutions like payroll software at your base. It automates all the mentioned activities above and attendance integration is the core feature. Reliable HRMS software along with biometric attendance system helps you enjoy on-time payroll for every employee every month.

Applying for leave takes long hours

Another common misconception of HR management is thinking that HR people stay very busy and would not listen to your concerns or attend leave requests on prior. Well, this also is just a possibility. It may occur at places where old-school HR practices are being practiced.

New methods like automated leave management software helps you efficiently manage leaves and therefore payroll. Self-service portal helps their employees apply and get their requests attended quickly. AI-based HR chatbot integrated with ESS portal makes it easy for employees to apply leaves and regularize data on their own. The chatbot provides right path on being asked for a parameter and therefore, eliminates HR intervention.

Subscribing to an efficient leave management software may save your hours put behind mundane tasks.


Any mis-functionality or inefficiencies of HR department and HRM could be prevented and solved for permanent basis with a simple integration. Blaming an HR for long processes and high costs put into simple activities like hiring or retaining an employee is not a good idea.

Simple HRMS software with built in modules like attendance management software, appraisal management, payroll software,and ESS portal could be one of the best picks for any dedicated business. Also, remote workforce management is not a challenge with cloud-based HRM software!

Waste no more second. Take a decision today. Good luck! Hope the blogs helps!

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