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Ideas keep floating in all of us. Creativity is everywhere. Business plans are being flooded in marketplace. Yet, executing them all in reality is not in everyone’s forte.

We all live in a dream that our ideas will turn successful someday. But ideas too have a shelf-life. Opportunities don’t wait and time is merciless. Unless someone gives you a solid platform to kick-start, or you did not care about it yet, getting on track (especially for a newbie) is not possible.

Wubb - The Social Business Networking

You must agree that many entrepreneurs and their start-ups are nipped in the bud just because they did not find the right helping hand who could connect them to prospective and potential contacts. It is important that you develop a growing network with similar minded people who share the same idea and passion you have.

Things get easier when you have a team to brainstorm on an issue, to back you up in an emergency. We all know community-based relationships are strong, full of enthusiasm and ingenuity. It works wonders when you have tough decisions to make.

So what is your take on this idea of Social Business Networking?

Do not you think you need to brush up on your contacts, references, recommendations and resources?

It is imperative that you know your immediate business circle well – and the people who can really make a difference in what you plan to do. Unfortunately most of us are confused how to hit the target – what is the expected outcome – how to convert resources into results.

Self-introspection is necessary here.

See what defines your needs the best –

1. You may be flooded with entrepreneurial skills – but do not have a clear vision or funding.

2. You may be a venture capitalist with a stronghold in marketplace – but not confident about putting money into a project and the possible outcome from the investment

3. You may be good at developing unique ideas – but not sure where to place it, how to place it and finally realizing if it is at all profitable

4. You may be a qualified professional in your stream – but not aware of your total earning potential

5. You may be good at freelancing – but not getting the high-worth projects you deserve

6. You may be smart enough in outsourcing projects – but could not get the best negotiated deals both in terms of quality and price

7. You may be good at participating in contests – but not getting the right platform to find and launch contests of your interest

8. You may be a good designer, a good domain name expert – but could not mingle with people who are actually looking out a helping partner like you

9. You had been looking out for companies and good jobs – but could not settle down yet

10. You want a cool business website with all appealing factors– but could not find a reliable designer or a developer who can make it happen in time

11. You want to start a website business– but did not find any prospective buyer and seller who seem reliable in this deal.

12. You are trying too hard to hire a business consultant and ask strategic solutions – but do not know how to make a positive move

13. You want your business to be a socially acceptable venture –popular among right business communities – but could not find a single online community that fits your bill.

14. You may have multiple accounts in discreet online communities – but could not manage all of them at a time.

You need a single-point of contact for all these above mentioned requirements.

What is that?

My personal view:

If you ask me, I can tell you from my own experience – It is Wubb.com

Yes, I do have accounts in many other community-based job sites, sites for entrepreneurs, freelancers, professional networks and online meet-ups. But I did not find a single one that could manage all my networking activities until I came to know about Wubb.

What is Wubb?

Wubb is the one-stop solution for all your business social networking needs. It is a multi-user, community-based, business networking hub where people join only to be benefited. It connects business people from all around the world – be it an entrepreneur, a cofounder, a working professional, a freelancer or an investor.

What Wubb does?

Wubb creates a neutral space for employee and employer to continue real-time conversations. Talented and experienced people all around business streams can become a member of this hub for free. A Wubby (member of wubb.com) can always enjoy the association of quality people and their resourceful insights.

There are many more exciting revenue generation models for each of the members. This is something really attracts. Wubby gives you a secured payment system online through which you can track deposits, withdraw, transfer and any history related to your transactions.

Being an active Wubby you have a huge earning potential. In fact you will get a dedicated account management section for all the jobs posted and delivered.

Let us see what is there in store for you:


For Entrepreneurs:

  • Find new ideas and opportunities
  • Find other start-ups in same domain
  • Name your ideas
  • Raise fund for new exciting projects
  • Attract like-minded people and build a virtual team
  • Find and post projects
  • Find and launch companies
  • Invite friends and build a healthy business network

For Freelancers:

  • Bid on projects, deliver the work and get paid
  • Find companies for jobs
  • Find contests and launch domain and design contests
  • Find and ask job related questions
  • Share your contacts, references and earn profit
  • Build networking relationship with HNI (High Net-worth Individuals)

For Professionals/ Job seekers:

  • Find and launch companies
  • Find full-time and part-time jobs – any experience, any company, any industry, any location
  • Participate in contests, launch design contest, domain contest
  • Find projects

For Companies:

  • Discuss on new business ideas
  • Post a job and get it done
  • Hire freelancers and part-time professionals
  • Find and order services any category you want
  • Find and post projects
  • Find and sell websites
  • Find and buy domains and premium domains

For Investors:

  • Get new business ideas and models
  • Find promising entrepreneurs to invest on
  • Launch a company
  • Post projects
  • Build strong business network

The Final Take:

So it is all in your favour. To know in detail how Wubb works for you click here . Signing here is so simple. Facebook and LinkedIn account holders can also join here directly by using their existing accounts.

The Special Corner:

I personally like this site Wubb.com. I joined Wubb 3 days back and already got a couple of projects to work on. What I like most in this Wubb community are cooperative members, high-value jobs, advanced search system and stack of ideas. It’s candid look and feel, designing simplicity, great navigation stand apart from the rest.

Hope you too have a great stay at Wubb.com. Be my Wubby today and write to me.


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