What are the Risks in Buying Electronics Online in India?

Buying Electronics Online

Online shopping has become a normal phenomenon in the life of most of Indians, especially those who are staying in cities and have access to net.  They are buying everything online from a small spoon to big electronic items like LED TV and Smart Phones. No one can deny the fact that online shopping has tremendous advantages of its own in every respect. It offers great profitability, unparallel convenience and maximum selections.

Buying Electronics Online

But are you aware that there are some elements of risks involved with it especially when you are buying electronic items. A lot might have been written on the advantages of online shopping but you can hardly come across such content on the web which discusses about the risks involved with it especially when you are buying Electronics. This is what I think. Finally a writer has to see the things from the buyer’s perspective and ultimately has to make its readers aware about the pros and cons involved with it, on whatever topic he or she is writing.

So I thought it’s much better to make my readers aware about some major negatives of online shopping especially in respect of electronic Items. Let’s point them out, one by one.

1. Door is practically not open for everyone

One of my main concerns with online buying is that it is not that much meaningful for those who are not well educated. There is greater probability that many defected pieces can be sold to the buyer and he can’t even avail the after sales services as it’s a lengthy and tricky process, something which is extremely difficult for a person to handle if he is not well educated. This risk is much, much serious when you are buying electronic items like, Phones, laptops, Ipads and tablets.

2. There is no Guarantee that you will receive brand new items.

Another risk is that you may get used items in place of brand new things as promised.

3. Goods can be damaged in transit.

There is greater possibility that the goods delivered may get damaged during transit if it is not packed properly. Electronic goods are more prone to damage so the risks are greater in case of electronic goods when you are it buying online.

4. Can’t be returned or exchanged easily

Suppose any item received by you comes out to be defective then it becomes very difficult to replace, return or exchange it. In such situations you will feel tied up with the things.

5. As electronic items are mostly costly the amount of risks escalates with it

Whatever points I have mentioned above are absolutely true. But the other side of the fact that I am going to put here is also equally true. So which one you are going to take? All depends on you and your approach! It’s true that when you are buying electronic items online then there are some risks involved with it but all these risks what I have mentioned above can be brought down to zero if you are buying it from big names like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon. There are two options in front of you; either take a negative approach and stop doing the things which is something lackadaisical, or adopt a positive approach, full of enthusiasm and optimism but with due diligence.

So the sole thing what I mean to say here is that, risks are there, when you are dealing with portals, who don’t have a long standing and credibility in the market but not with big names like Flipkart and Amazon. So go “bindass” with Amazon and Flipkart for buying electronic items.

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