The Future of Smart Education

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Technology has brought about a huge change in the education sector. Laptops, mobile phones, and even some e-learning apps are now a part of everyday education. Transformation from a normal classroom to a smart classroom with computer, LED, and software teaching did not happen in a day. Devices including cameras and projectors made it possible for schools and colleges to implement instructions in smart classroom. The recent research has reported that smart classroom in India has grown more than 20% during the period of 2016-2019.

Apart from board exams, learning via smartphones and tablets is what students are getting more comfortable. The mobile learning concept is expected to be a boon for India’s educational sector. By using advanced learning methods like virtual reality, augmented reality a teacher can help students to gain more out of their learning. Modern learning methods allow a person to interact with students around the world.

Following are the advantages of using smart classroom:

Benefits for parents

Smart education also benefits parents. Teachers can record the data of students for their marks, attendance and communicate the same to the parents online. The data recording methods and communication tools together allow the parents to get involved in their learning process.

Introduction of e-learning

E-learning is expected to change the traditional teaching and learning process. Students can learn from anywhere at any time and teachers can teach from anywhere. Teachers can put resources through online for students to use. Some of the mobile applications and documents on the cloud will allow for more social lessons. Learning through games has been the popularized feature of e-learning in recent years.

Technology and App based learning

There are several advantages of making use of technology in classroom. To connect with students and help them understand better, a teacher has to come out of the comfort zone and explore new ideas. And here comes the importance of technology. There are several educational apps that help the teachers to improvise and enrich the overall teaching experience. Technology is certainly changing the way that students learn, but it cannot be termed as a complete replacement of teachers.

Smart classroom attracts the attention of students by displaying animated media, such as videos, pictures, audios etc. Smart classroom provides an interactive atmosphere between the students and teachers.

Need for change in teaching approach

Various technologies can be used for a better learning experience of students. For example, microphones, video cameras, document cameras can be integrated with the white boards. With the use of technology-aided learning, a student gets the opportunity to learn new things using different tools like mind-mapping, 3D technologies. These are highly effective. Teachers can change their teaching style based on types of learners’ interests in their classroom. They get a clear idea whether students are following what has been taught in the classroom. At the same time, students can get their doubts clarified immediately before moving to the next topic.

These trends show the growth of online education in India in large numbers. Smart classroom has completely changed the way of learning fueling the mission of digital India .

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