10 Best Ways for Students to Listen to Music Free Online


The web is full of good music. There are many tools to download songs, but the songs burden your PC hard drive. Thanks to development of cloud computing, we have multiple ways to listen to music online absolutely free. Let’s explore top 10 ways to rock, pop, Hindi songs, classic tracks, and much more with new music sites. Here are the web places you should visit:

1.      YouTube Vevo


YouTube is a real pearl. There are so many cool music videos to enjoy online. Just check out Lady Gaga Vevo channel: select a song, click play and have fun! It’s absolutely free, but the songs are interrupted by commercials and you have to stream both video and music.

2.      Freemake Music Box

A newbies in online music world, a Freemake Music Box is cute Windows freeware that lets you listen to free music online. The app is more than music search; it helps to find good music for free, play it, and create playlist. Plus, you can watch video. Since it’s desktop software, you don’t have to be afraid to lose your audio tracks when you close your browser.

3.      Rdio

Rdio is a cool online service with different apps for mobile devices. It has free trial accounts. But the access to Rdio varies depending on a country. Thus, the chances are high to miss an opportunity to enjoy free music.

4.      Spotify

Spotify is famous for Android and iPhone music apps that streams tons of high quality music. However, it has similar geo-restriction that forbid to play free music worldwide. Besides, the app insists on upgrade to a paid Premium version.

5.      Soundcloud

Soundclod is the place to host gigabytes of free music. The orange cloud music player can be inserted onto a website or a blog. Thus, you can listen to unique tracks unavailable in major music directories.

6.      Last.fm

Last.fm is one of the pioneers that provided access to free music online. It still keeps millions of tracks. There you can search a song by title, album, category, artist name, etc. The search is advanced. However, you have to register an account.

7.      Grooveshark

Grooveshark is a free online music streaming service. It enables you to search for music, surf the radio stations and even change background wallpapers. But you have to digest your music solely via browser and view ads.

8.      Deezer

Deezer plays music for free. Here you can enjoy rock, pop or jazz. The app interface design is alike Grooveshark. Deezer has geo limitations. So some music tracks may be out of your reach.

9.      We7

We7 is a sweet way to listen to online music. Just come to We7 website and hit the “Play” button. No more actions needed from your side, the app will bring all music for you. We7 seems to be the closer to offline radio station than to a streaming website.

10.      uWall

uWall.tv is the place for those who have not decided what to listen to today. Open the website tilled with artists profile, click a profile icon and uWall will play all songs of the artist one by one!

About The Author:

Victoria Kushner is a tech blogger. She promotes web apps and free software like Freemake YouTube Converter in webmaster communities, tech blogs and social media. Victoria likes good music and web apps for musicians.

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