4 Must-Have Apps For Every Designer With An Android Tablet

Apps for Android

Apps for Android

For a long time, the iPad was the best tablet on the market. However, with the rise of Android, many manufacturers started coming up with extremely good tablets that can legitimately be considered as iPad-killers. As a result, it is not surprising to find that Android-powered tablets have soared in popularity. Designers love the flexibility that Android tablets offer; the Google Nexus 10 and Samsung Galaxy Note in particular have become firm favourites with the design community. Here are 5 of the best Android apps every designer should have on their tablet.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

Adobe Photoshop remains till date the premiere image editing software. It is one of the first software programs designers learn to use and it has achieved great success on the PC and Mac platforms. With tablets getting increasingly powerful, Adobe was satisfied that Photoshop could be run easily on these new devices. The end result is Adobe Photoshop Touch. The app has a similar interface to its desktop big brother and features pretty much the same tools, including the selection tools, layering and numerous filters. Without a doubt, it is the best photo editing software for Android tablets.

Bamboo Paper

The technology that goes into creating the screen for most new-age Android tablets is remarkable. However, to make the most of these excellent touch screens, you need an app that harnesses everything that is good from the hi-fi screens. This is where Bamboo Paper steps into the picture. The app is so good, writing or sketching on the tablet, using a stylus, feels just like working on actual paper in a notebook. If you have invested in a top-notch stylus, like any self-respecting designer would, Bamboo Paper is definitely the best app you can download for your Android tablet.

Real Colors

As kids, one of the first things they teach us about in art class is the colour wheel; a device that explains primary colours, secondary colours, and how new colours can be made by mixing two or more colours. Real Colors is the colour wheel taken to the extreme. Every designer knows the power of colours to help things blend or how contrasting can make objects pop. Real Colors is the perfect app for designers embarking on their quest for the right colour. Even a small change in the shade or tone can make a massive difference and this app lets you experiment with colors to your heart’s desire.


Whether you an established designer or a budding one, your portfolio is the most important thing in your life. Gone are the days when you have to print out your designs and carry them around in a folder. You don’t create the images on physical paper, so why have a paper portfolio? Sharpee acts as your online portfolio and lets you access it anywhere when you are on the go. Since tablets have a much bigger screen than smartphones, your portfolio looks a lot better when running the app on the tablet. Sharpee also allows you to view portfolios from other designers; a very handy feature for when you are stuck and are looking for inspiration.

No matter what it is you are trying to create, if you are a designer and own an Android-powered tablet, these 4 apps are the best friends you will ever have.

This post has been authored by Nancy Baker. She is a freelance blogger and she often writes for Liquid Creativity, a company providing business branding strategies. She is a fitness enthusiast and she practices yoga and martial arts during her free time.

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