5 Delightful iPhone Quiz Apps your Kids would Love for Christmas

Christmas Quiz

Quizzes are always interesting. And they are also a great way to educate your kids about the world around them. If you are looking for a way that educates your kids while keeping things light and fun, there are several iPhone quiz apps to help you. Packed with questions covering a wide variety of topics, these quiz apps would give valuable knowledge to your children while keeping them engaged. And if you are thinking about surprising your kids this holiday season by gifting them something they would really enjoy, these quiz apps would make a great choice.

From numerous quiz apps for children, below appear some that are worth investing your time and money in:

1. Christmas Quiz 2015

christmas Quiz 2015

With Christmas knocking at the doors, give your kids an interesting quiz app that educates them on the grand festival of Christmas in an exciting way. The Christmas Quiz 2015 consists of questions all about Christmas, such as Christmas carols, movies, music, movies, symbols, facts, foods and drinks. This is the right time to educate your children about the festival, and this app would wonderfully help you do the job.

Price: $0.99

2. Sporcle


Sporcle is an exciting app packed with quick-playing quizzes. Sporcle offers a huge number of quizzes covering a wide range of topics like literature, science, entertainment and history. The players have to try to list all the possible answers suitable for a given question. The app is updated with new questions at regular intervals. Players can also register in a Sporcle account for rating and commenting on quizzes. They can also prepare and upload their own quizzes. It’s a great quiz app for school-going kids.

Price: $2.99

3. Big Book Quiz

Big Book Quiz

Big Book Quiz is a fun quiz app that introduces your kids to the world of books in a fascinating way. The game is divided into several stages, with each stage containing books ranging from obscure titles to the more popular titles. However, instead of needing to guess the name of a book, as in many similar apps, you need to enter the book’s author. The app intelligently removes the author names from the covers of books. The app also offers you hints, or you can ask for help from your friends of Twitter or Facebook. This is an exciting quiz app for both adults as well as kids.

Price: Free

4. That’s Baloney! Kids Quiz Game

That's Baloney! Kids Quiz Game

This is a great app for children from 2 to 6 grades. It uses tons of fun facts for testing the knowledge of kids. Through a variety of trivia questions and quizzes, you and your friends or family can find out who knows how much about science, maths, language and more. The app allows you to check your progress and results. However, some questions are a bit challenging and the interface of the app is slightly difficult to use. So, this app is suitable for a bit older children. The app works on American curriculum.

Price: Free

5. Trivia Crack

trivia crack

This is a thrilling mobile quiz game, which is a blend of cute cartoon images and a broad selection of trivia questions, along with a head-to-head, turn-based system. You may play the game against random opponents or your Facebook friends, by spinning the wheel for answering questions related to Entertainment, Art, Geography, History, Science or Sports. To win the game, you have to be the first who attains six different characters. In the app, you can find a tactical employment of power-ups, which you can use to influence your game. The app also gives you the ability of stealing enemy characters by betting your own.

Price: Free

With these quiz apps in your iPhone, you can educate your children about a variety of stuff, in a way they enjoy. So, hurry up and download them in your iPhone now!

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