5 Great Gadgets To Help Parents And Their Babies


As your baby has been born in the 21st century, surely it is entitled to savour the technological benefits available. How often have we looked back in time and marveled at the advances in child care, entertainment, and education? Bringing up a child seems so easy now. Okay, we all know that is not the truth, but there are a lot of gadgets and helpers available now to help bring up a child. Here are a few that I like, I hope you like them too.

Baby Nes Nutrition System

We all realise that it is best for a baby to be breast fed. Unfortunately, mother’s milk is not always available, and at times like this baby formula is the usual substitute. The baby nes nutrition system is an espresso machine for babies, which prepares the formula with a press of a button. It mixes the formula, heats it to the correct temperature, and pours it into the bottle for you. At nearly $300, the machine is expensive, as are the formula capsules. I like it a lot, but I don’t know if I’ll be buying it any time soon.

Self-Warming Baby Bottles

These are a far more likely purchase for me. These bottles will warm your baby’s milk up to the correct temperature in about 4 minutes, using nothing except salt water. The salt water is inside cartridges that fit inside the bottles, when the bottle is shaken the reaction of the salt heats the bottle. The bottles themselves are not very expensive, but the cost of the cartridges mean this is an alternative not a replacement. For parents on the go or travelling, this is a great idea.

Whistle and Go Puppy

This mechanical puppy moves when the whistle is blown, and can even move backwards if the whistle is blown twice. Only suitable for children over 2 years old, this toy will help develop attention and memory in your child. Personally I would be happy with the smiles, and giggles the toy brings out. Cute and educational, this is a must in your nursery.

Anglecare Movement and Sound Monitor

There are many monitors on the market to ease your mind when your baby is asleep, but this is one of my favourites. It has an extended range of 820 feet, which is powerful enough for large houses; andhas the bonus of a movement detector, whichsounds an alarm after 20 seconds of inactivity. This combination makes the Anglecare monitor a firm favourite for many other parents too.

Boon Glo

This is a nightlight that doubles as a toy. The bulbs can be removed and are unbreakable and cool to the touch. If you want something for your child to play with while you are in their room in the evening, you can simply remove a bulb to keep your child happy. Funky and fun, I would advise every parent to buy one.

Whether you are looking for something to ease your workload, or to keep your child happy; there are thousands of ideas you could try. I hope these suggestions will spark your interest, and start a new shopping list for your baby.


This post has been authored by Nancy Baker, a freelance blogger who is currently writing for Hippo Blue, a company selling personalized baby gifts. Her hobbies include trekking and kart racing.

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