5 iOS Apps To Give A Head Start To Your Business


Business owners aspire to start their business on a firm platform. However, they get the jitters quite often while making the first move towards it. The combination of a multitude of dynamics, and a stiff competition in today’s market makes it difficult to strike the right note with regard to business. Making a quick decision may seem like jumping the gun, especially if you are a starter – after all, starting a new business is like a new adventure. Though it may bring rewards, it also involves risks.

As a business owner, all you need to do is plan, organize and capitalize on your ideas. Adding technology to your expertise in the digital age makes a winning combination, which pays dividends in the long run. What can be a better tool than the iPhone when it comes to technology? In fact, when integrated with the right set of apps, it not only reduces your workload, but also lends you a helping hand in sailing through the hurdles in managing time and other resources.

An abundance of apps on itunes makes it virtually impossible to put a figure on it. Therefore, if you own an iPhone, identifying the right app is half the battle, and if you are able to do it, the rest comes naturally. In order to keep it simple, a list of 5 useful business apps is given below:

#1. Small Business Forum

Are you concerned about the problems pertaining to startup and seeking solution to them? Small Business Forum serves as the conduit for connecting small business owners with the community of like-minded people such as marketing professionals, IT personnel, managers, accountants and other people with a key role to develop a business.

The app is a great source to get support for startups and avoid common mistakes by tapping the ideas of the members. When you channel it into your business, you get a surefire way to start it up with a bang.

Charges: Free

#2. Squarespace Blog

Squarespace is a solid platform to build a website. It helps you update your content instantly, and register your presence on the internet with finesse. The app is ideal for those, who wish to update the content on their website timely, but don’t have access to their computer all the time. It provides a viable option for on-the-spot blogging and updating posts on a website through an iPhone, which makes a great impact on your business This feature makes it the standout among the apps related to startup on itunes.

Charges: Free

#3. Camcard

If you are looking for an app to be able to read business cards precisely in different languages, then your search ends with Camcard right now. It is the software of choice among millions of users as it helps read business cards in 17 distinct languages with precision. Besides this, the app is tailor-made for a hassle-free experience while swapping business cards.

Camcard scans and stores business cards at the same time, so that users can have them at their fingertips. In addition to exchanging cards, it updates the address book, and retrieves the key contact information automatically.

Charges: $0.99

#4. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting facilitates video conferencing when you are on the go. While there are many apps on itunes that provide this feature, the ability to connect a user to as many as 6 webcams makes it the pick of the bunch. Besides, it also allows a user to look at design mockups, slide presentations, or spreadsheets.

The purpose of using an app is to simplify things with a click, and this is where the app is worth a great deal. GoToMeeting facilitates sharing files on cloud by virtue of its compatibility with the majority of popular file sharing apps like Dropbox, ShareFile, etc. You can view your meeting schedule effortlessly, and join by means of a single tap. Adding up these features together, gives the practical value of the app with hindsight.

Charges: Free

#5. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Computers have become an essential element of our lives to such an extent that it is hard to imagine a productive day without a computer. Is there a way to get access to your workstation remotely? The answer is “yes”, and Microsoft Remote Desktop is the app to do it. It operates directly as a portal to your workstation and lets you control it remotely via your iPhone.

Microsoft Remote Desktop is easy to use, and it provides a convenient means to mirror your computer screen on your iPhone.

Charges: Free

Starting a business is easier said than done. That said, making an early preparation can go a long way toward ensuring success. If you are trying your hand at a business, you can try out the above-mentioned apps for a change to land on your feet.

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