6 Quick Ways to Secure Your Work Mobile Devices


Mobile threat has now become people-centric. Attackers often target corporate data for malicious use through mobile devices. According to the Global mobile security report 2022, in 2021, the number of reported data breaches increased by 68% which is an all-time high figure. This report clearly shows that Mobile Threat Protection comes as a challenge for most organizations, and therefore having a threat defense solution is of paramount importance. Many corporations fail to ensure end-point device security, application security, and network security in time, which makes their mobile workforce and its data susceptible to cyberattacks.

Just like your computer, your mobile devices also need to be secured in order to prevent theft of vital information or data. Therefore, whether you are at the workplace or at home, you must always make sure that all your mobile devices are fully protect. The following are some of the smartest ways through which you can protect all your mobile devices:

Secure Your Work Mobile Devices

1. Create Unique Passwords

One of the best and most reliable ways through which you can protect all your mobile devices is by giving them unique passwords. To be safe, make sure that each mobile device has a different password that you can easily remember. Do not share passwords with anyone. If it is a must for you to share the passwords, do so only with reliable and trusted people.

2. Create Data Back-Up

Due to their portable nature, mobile devices can easily be stolen, misplaced, or even lost. As a result, you might end up losing your most vital information or data when you least expected. Therefore, it is a good idea to create data back-up every now and then. Apart from using the cloud, you can also back-up copies of your data onto your desktop computer, memory cards, or flash drives.

3. Beef Up Network Security

If you are running a business and you would really like to fight data security problems, then you should try as much as possible to invest in network security. If you are not well-conversant with setting up network security, you can hire the services of professional and experienced IT consultants. It is better to invest in network security early enough in order to avoid future inconveniences such as trying to retrieve corrupted data and trying to free your network from malware.

4. Create Strong Security Policies

To prevent cases of hacking and malware within a business organisation, you should come up with strong security policies that will help you in minimising the risk of security breaches. Give your employees a clear guideline of your business’s policies for accessing company data from the available mobile devices. To make all your employees understand the policies better, you should hold a staff meeting with them.

5. Get VPN Authorisation

Another way through which you can prevent unwanted people from gaining access to your VPN (virtual private network) is to get authorisation. Even though it can be a bit challenging and complicated to use, it is very efficient and secure as opposed to relying on passwords alone. Look for IT consultants within your locality to approve all your mobile devices and lock out unauthorised or unapproved ones.

6. Encrypt all Sensitive Data

Due to the fact that you might be required to carry important information such as financial records and credit card number, it is very advisable that you encrypt your data. To ensure that your data is more secure, combine data encryption with passwords of PIN numbers.

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