A Tech Geek From Pakistan: Untold Truth About A Life That Sucks


VPN Pakistan

Some of you may already know about the news, but just for safe measure – Pakistan has adopted series of highly-criticized cyber crime laws this august. BBC, CNN and Reuters call the new act as something controversial. I say its complete felony and absolute violation of my civil rights and freedoms.

If not for VPN Pakistan, the country would be as distant from the entire world today as, say, Mars. Yes, I do mean the red planet in outer space.

The Electronic Crimes Bill

Our government says they fight with the growing threat of terrorism. But the way the law is written is broad enough for common citizens to get penalized for harmless activities. Sensitive data of our users is not protected today. No safeguards are even thought of. They were pint blank ignored!

If you are hasting a little satirical site and allow at least minor criticism of our beloved government you are automatically a threat! “Authorized officers” have more rights than you on your website by default These officers are the only one who know how a gag sponsors terrorism. And they don’t feel like sharing with this info.

We live in harsh times, I totally get it. But that doesn’t mean we are to be tagged and monitored like cattle. Terrorists use Thor and dark net, not Twitter hashtags for all’s sake! You don’t arm an army on Facebook, right? And yet our government played their cards against common citizens.

That’s why most of us use VPN. And so should you. In advance. Before a certain Bill comes to full force in your country!

How VPN works?

Signing up for a VPN service provider is easy enough. Check for some reviews on the internet, look for services with highest speeds and you are done. It’s not rocket science. I’d recommend checking out teams like NordVPN or BolehVPN as they are the ones I have had great experience with.

These companies encrypt your digital trail for a rather minimal fee. Some are even free either for trial period or with limited access to high-end functionality.


Key perks of a VPN?

  • You have access to sites otherwise blocked either by your provider or local government;
  • All of your traffic and internet history is encrypted;
  • You are practically untraceable while online;
  • All of the logs are usually deleted by the VPN service provider;
  • As a minor bonus – you won’t be targeted by online ads and you won’t fall victim to hackers and cyber criminals.

All in all a VPN is the only choice we have here in Pakistan. Hopefully you will never face the same challenge, but if you do – you are now armed and ready.

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