An Amazing Potential Future That Could Come For Webmasters (It’s Not What You Think)

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Countless articles have been written about the future of technology and how it might affect us. Specifically, countless more have also been written about how technology might affect webmasters and bloggers who choose to work with it every single day and so are far more susceptible to these potential changes. But before you discard this article as just another one of those, let me tell you that this is a future scenario you probably haven’t heard of… and that it’s something you might find rather interesting.

You see I’m not going to talk about cloud computing, about the future of social networking, or about augmented reality. Rather I’m going to address another field that has been quietly gaining momentum lately… and that’s virtual reality.

For a while now virtual reality has been a bit of a joke thanks to ill-advised attempts such as the distinctly un-amazing ‘Virtual Boy’ released by Nintendo and other misses. Recently though a device has emerged that is putting the doubters to rest: the Oculus Rift.

This is VR headset just like all the others we’ve imagined but with one key difference: it’s good. By integrating head tracking and other senses, this device is able to give the experience of complete immersion in your chosen digital world. There are videos of people online with early developer copies going completely nuts at just how real the feeling is. And this is only going to get better – with the commercial release promising to be 1080p (rather that 720p like the current beta) and possibly even retina-quality.

But current limitations hasn’t held back the eager community that has already begun developing for the hardware, and there are some rather incredible tech demos already out there to this end. The most impressive of these tend to use additional peripherals too such as the Razer Hydra: a motion controller in the same vein as the original Nintendo Wii which allows people to interact with the world with their hands, to pick up objects, and to look down and see their arms where they should be just as though they were in Tron.

But how does this possibly affect you as a blogger?

Well you see games aren’t the only potential for this technology. One amazing use that people are already looking at is to create a ‘virtual work environment’ which could completely change forever the way that you run your website. Imagine being able to jump into your server and look at all the files hung up on the wall like paper. Then imagine that you could pull them down from the wall and stick them to your typewriter to edit them. It sounds unbelievable but the technology is almost there. Or imagine having a thirty monitor display that runs the same Windows/Mac setup you have on your computer currently. People are actually already building things like this right now.

But a nicer use could be much more simple: instead of writing in your front living room, you could transport yourself to Hawaii and sit on the beach while you type. Set up a light breeze by using a fan, turn on a bright light to feel some warmth and you can completely forget you’re in the office…

The contributor of today’s article, Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for Orp Media that specializes in information about Google penalty recovery services and other such services.

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