Best 10 Television Gadgets for Entertainment to Keep You Busy This Season

The holiday season is just around the corner and it is time to sit back, relax and enjoy your time at home. Some people may find a lot of time on their hands with nothing to do during the holidays, so make sure you have some activities planned ahead for you. Before you start your holidays, get a few things that will make it easier for you to have fun. Since all of you already must have a TV, all you have to do is add a few little extras. Just add up a few new channels or cool new gadgets to it and you will be all set to spend leisurely hours in front of your TV without getting bored.
Television Gadgets for Entertainment
Here are the top 10 gadgets that can provide you with entertainment at its best:

1. Panasonic SC-HTB520

Before purchasing anything else, you need to buy some good, sturdy and decent speakers for your TV. If you have a flat screen TV, this sleek and stylish system by Panasonic in stainless steel and mirror finish is one of the best home theater speaker systems to get. With the best sound quality, it will take up your entertainment experience a notch higher.

2. Pasce Minirig Speakers

If you don’t want huge and expensive speakers for your flat screen, here is something that is much more useful and budget friendly. Minirig is a small portable speaker that can connect with a lot more devices than just the TV. The small size does not mean low sound at all; it can be quite loud with high voice quality.

3. Sony Play Station 3 Super Slim

A TV without a gaming console sounds quite boring, doesn’t it? So here is the best console in the market, Sony PS3, which makes for a powerful gaming system along with streaming devices. With a smaller and sleeker design, it makes for a perfect gaming console.

4. HDMI Cable

This is an extremely useful device that helps you in connecting your TV with your PC allowing you to open files saved in your PC over the TV. With a HDMI cable, you can easily bring all your favorite videos saved on your computer to your TV and watch them on a bigger screen.

5. Apple TV

This media streaming device by Apple allows you to search for a large number of audio and video files to view on your TV. Aesthetically brilliant design, 720p playback and user-friendly interface make it a much preferable option when it comes to media streaming boxes.

6. Microsoft Xbox 360 S

When it comes to gaming consoles, Xbox has its own mark! With built-in Wi-Fi, 250GB drive, multiple USB ports and several other impressive features, it makes for an ideal gaming console for those who like quieter operations and sleeker designs.
Another media streaming box by D-Link, it gives you access to a wide variety of videos available on the Web. Its support for 1080p videos enable you to watch some videos in the best quality while its easy navigations are quite easy to understand. With its smart design, it is one of the best media streaming boxes available in the market.

8. Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5020Ube

Talking about TV and entertainment would be incomplete without mentioning home cinema projectors, which can take entertainment to an entirely different level. With so many nice movies to watch this holiday season, this magnificent home projector by Epson with exciting features can give you an unforgettable viewing experience.

9. LG BP620

For those who want something grand in a limited budget, the latest Blu-ray player by LG is what they are looking for. With 3D support, online options, fast speed and a Wi-Fi, it is one of the best and most affordable Blu-ray players available in the market.

10. Philips Prestigo Universal Remote Controls

The Prestigo line of universal controls allows you to control somewhere around 20 devices with one remote. Easy to install and use, they enable you to operate all your equipment conveniently. From controlling your heating system to switching channels, everything can now be under your control.
With these ten gadgets connected to your TV, you surely won’t find yourself bored during the holidays. So, bring home some of these cool gadgets and enhance your entertainment experience this holiday season. If you are not a TV lover but know someone who is, you know now what to gift them this Christmas season!
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