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If you are noticing a kick off in the performance of your Mac and you are facing problems in opening, closing , working with Mac applications, It means your Mac needs some maintenance.

Do not panic! Defrag Mac is the solution which helps you to get rid of this stiff. You can see hot discussions regarding ‘How to make Mac faster?’ on Mac forums and luckily it is very simple. To get your beloved mac running as rocket speed, you just need to defrag your Mac hard drive.

 stellar deferag drive

Defragmentation is the process of keeping fragmented data in contiguous memory location. Every Mac user should do this process at least once in a month but it’s depend upon how often you work with Mac applications and resources.  It is a judicious work to choose best Mac defragmentation tool. I would like to introduce here ‘Stellar Drive Defrag’ because I have practical experience of this software.

As you know, new file system of Mac i.e HFS+ has the capacity to minimize the chances of fragmentation upto 20 MB file size but when you start working on large file size like multimedia files etc. , chances of defragmentation increase. Drive Defrag utility of Stellar is one of the famous defrag tool among Mac users, it has number of advance features and options (Defrag Metadata, Quick Defrag, Full Defrag and Optimize). With this utility, you can list all the fragmented files on the selected volume and defrag one or multiple files. You can defrag either selected volume or boot volume of Mac.

New version of this software i.e. V2 has following features:-

1. The layout view shows you the drive volumes as blocks.

2. Blocks(volumes) are colored according to their category.

3 It shows path of the file occupying a memory block and highlights the file in list of files in Mac hard drive.

4. Shows the temperature of selected drive.

5. Create a Bootable DVD to defrag boot volume.

6. Defrags Metadata files, large fragmented files and helps in optimizing free space in the volume.

 What are the advantages of using the ‘Drive Defrag’?

 1. Effectively optimizes system performance by defragging  complete Mac hard drive or a specific volume.

2. Reduces data access time by optimizing free space on your hard drive.

4.It helps to increase the life of your hard disk by considerably reducing the disk activity.

It is recommended by experts to defrag Mac on regular basis to keep it’s performance optimized. It gives you an awesome experience to work with Mac running like a rocket.

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