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We all know that people who are buying Android phones are facing difficulties with their short battery life. Google Platforms offers numerous choices with state of the art features and other awestruck features but constantly seems to be connected to huge battery consumptions. This is really a big problem and you are not suggested to take advantage that make Android a great phone. This could be the music players, background updates and the location ware apps that turn you on at times. Yet you feel awkward to get connected to your charger. Beyond, there are some tips that could make you feel easy that would not each much of your phone’s battery. Thus, you can make really an active and smart decision whether you want to make it work in right direction or not.

first time Android phone users

Sensible use of GPS

GPS uses most of your battery backup because this is one of the location aware software and real battery drainers. You must keep an eye on the notification bar because an icon will appear on your screen which will notify that your GPS is on that you can make it on when required otherwise usually make it off.

Disable “Always-On Mobile” Data settings

Another option to make better use of battery backup is to disable “Always-On mobile” option which is on by default. You can disable it from settings tab .Go to Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Enable Always –On Mobile data. You can change the setting to disable always on mobile because it always makes your phone to nonstop connect but you don’t always need to. If you put your settings to disable then still your Gmail will perform the same as before. On the other had if you have more apps that connect to the internet most of the times then you may avoid this idea because turning it on and off requires more energy than it usually is.

Halt Network Positioning

Other than GPS, if you device learns your location with wireless network triangulation then it consumes less battery and of course of you would use both the apps at the same time then it will consume more battery power .

Disable Automatic Updates

If you don’t need any automatic updates then you may not prefer those apps which inform you for something new and many application have such options to update a launch. You can lower your intervals by turning them off that would definitely make you battery life longer and it is recommended to reduce them to your own minimum values.

With HTC Android pHone, make sure you have facebook, weather app and Flickr stocks and twitter updates themselves that is ainly done from Settings> accounts and sync. You may also love over to the third party apps and mainly the facebook and Twitter apps which have background updates by default.

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