Can You Create an iPhone App Without Any Coding Skills?


And the answer is YES, you can.

Surely by now, you are imagining how you will create the most perfect app the world is yet to discover. But before you get all thrilled and pumped up, you should evaluate first the concept of your projected iPhone app.

iphone apps development

 You see, the secret to highly-profitable iPhone apps lies not only on how it was produced but how it was marketed. So to ensure that your iPhone app concept has a high potential for profit, here are four qualities you should keep in mind:

ÿ        It is well-planned. You can still change the course of your plan while in the process of making it. But prior to everything else, you need to have a clear-cut definition of what you will be making and how it should work.

ÿ        It targets a wide audience. To reap a favorable return on investment, it is important to check the demand for your app concept. If it is not essential, might as well scrap it.

ÿ        It is lucrative. With that being said, it should not be just lucrative for now but lucrative for the entire period of production.

ÿ        It is made through a reliable developer. You do have an advantage if you are an expert in coding, but you still have to develop your knowledge about it to create a loophole-free app.

No coding skills, no problem: Software for creating iPhone apps

If in case you do not have coding skills, here are three Content Management Software applications which can help you create an iPhone app without learning a single code:

 1.      Buzztouch

If you want a do-it-your-own app creator which you can work with online, Buzztouch can provide that for you. It is a web-based application which also offers a predefined app format, subject to online modification. After creating your app, Buzztouch will generate the code that you would need for publishing.

 2.      AppIncubator

If you have a smashing idea for the next famous iPhone app but you just don’t have time to do it yourself, AppIncubator provides you the option to pitch that idea to its developers, MEDL Mobile. You can avail their service for free but once the app goes live in the iTunes Store, MEDL Mobile grants you 25% of the app’s total profit.

These are just some of the numerous iPhone app builders out in the market. Would you like to suggest other options? Kindly mention it in your comments below.


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