China leads the ‘Clone War’ in Smartphone arena

mobile clone

Whenever a high end phone enters the market, the Chinese replicate it at a price much lower than the original one. Many people find these devices to be a kind of mockery but it is really a boon for people who wish to have the high end phones but can’t afford them. The  ‘Made in China’ tag might refer to duplication in the first instance, but there have been several replicated devices in the market which have turned out to be really impressive clones at highly affordable prices. Such devices not only offer similar features to the original; they sometimes even give more features than the original piece! Because of the growing popularity of such phones, some of these companies have started manufacturing their own gadgets & have applied for patents as well.

Let’s have a look at these devices which are proving to be good enough to give a tough time to expensive Smartphones:

mobile clone

Apple iPhone 5

GooPhone i5 is an exact lookalike of Apple iPhone 5 in terms of its exterior portion. When we see the interiors, it is powered by Android featuring a dual core processor of 1 GHz named MT6577, a camera of resolution 8MP and a display size of 4 inches. Another phone in the same series is Hero 5i which again is a similar phone with the same specifications; the only difference is that it is a dual SIM phone. Of course you cannot compare it with the original Apple iPhone 5 which comes with a high tech A6 chipset processor to give a superlative performance as well as a crystal clear retina display. But these phones have a major advantage – they are very cheap with GooPhone i5 costing $ 248 & Hero i5 only $ 60. Apple iPhone 5 sells for $ 843. Another buzzing phone in this series is MI-2 from Xiaomi which is a great combination of looks & performance. It is being regarded as the Apple iPhone in China with a quad core Snapdragon processor, GPU Adreno 320, capacitive touchscreen of IPS LCD, resolution size of 720×1280 pixels, display size of 4.3 inches, camera of 8 MP & powered by Android Jelly Bean OS. It comes for $ 407 which is half of what an Apple iPhone 5 costs.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note II

Surprisingly, there is one clone with the same name which costs $ 260, far less than the original Samsung Galaxy Note II price which is around $ 741. It has features similar to that of the original device such as a 5.5 inch display in High Definition, a capacitive touch screen of AMOLED LED 5, a quad core processor of 1.2 GHz and a dual SIM capability. It has got a comparatively weaker battery with a 32 GB MicroSD card expandable to 64 GB. It has also got a 5 MP camera with a zoom of 8x. However, it lacks an S Pen stylus as well as other innovative features present in the original device. It comes with Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS.

Samsung Galaxy S III

It is one phone which not only created a big buzz in the mobile world but also went on to give a tough time to the Apple iPhone. But again it comes with a hefty price tag of $ 537 which can be a big load for the pockets of many people. For them there’s the clone — named True Clone which you can get for $ 222. It is somewhat smaller than the actual S3 device with a display size of 4.3 inches compared to the original one’s 4.8 inches. It also weighs less at 125 grams compared to Galaxy S3’s 133 gram weight. Astonishingly, it comes with a 1.5 GHz quad core processor which is more than the original’s 1.4 GHz. Both come with an 8 MP rear camera but Galaxy S3 has a better front camera compared to the clone version.


We saw some nice clones of high end devices manufactured in China. There are an innumerable number of clones which are being manufactured every day. Smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Nokia & HTC are being copied the most. With an average price band of $ 37 – $ 56, these Chinese clones are certainly not a bad deal when compared to the highly expensive original ones. The clones come with a guarantee period of 1 year.

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