Design And Maintain Your Water Features With Smartphone Apps!


Adding a water feature to your existing garden is one way to ensure you are one step closer to paradise every time you open those patio doors. No matter how elegant your landscaped garden may seem, a beautiful pond, or serene waterfall feature, can add so much more. So, it’s no secret that more and more homeowners are joining the select group of people who appreciate the finer things in life. Once you have chosen and installed the perfect feature, you still need to understand the maintenance aspect. It can easily turn into a beautiful obsession and these aspects are probably not appreciated by every keen gardener out there. If you have decided to opt for this splendid extension to your outdoor living space, why not look at a couple of Smartphone apps that offer a gentle introduction into this exciting addition to your family life? This article looks at two of the best applications currently on offer – enjoy!

Aquascape Pond app by Aquascape, Inc – Free


Our first Smartphone water feature app is available on both Android and iOS markets, this is an indication of how popular this lifestyle choice has become. It will also run on your tablets/iPad, please check the links for OS releases. Well, Aquascape have developed a lovely app that will appeal to newcomers and veterans to the water feature scene alike. Once downloaded, you can simply browse away through the easy to navigate contents at your leisure. Be prepared to be blown away by the stunning high definition photos and sumptuous video clips on offer. As well as finding inspiration for your future project, you will get free access to some of the best online articles regarding water features. All aspects of this fascinating topic are covered, from installation to maintenance. You will also be able to buy the water stock you need for your current or future water aspect and some of the deals are very reasonable indeed. In fact, this app is so user friendly that you could just spend hours reading the content without even having a garden of your own – It’s that good!

Eden Garden Designer By Herbaceous Software Inc


This app will run on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and it requires iOS 3.0 or later for smooth running. Okay, while it’s true that this is not a dedicated water feature app, it is certainly worthy of your attention. Landscape gardening design is integral to choosing a water feature and this app has that in spades. Eden Garden Designer allows you to create your own bespoke piece of paradise without lifting a trowel or spade whatsoever. The awesome selection of flowers and plants to choose from are just the tip of the iceberg. This tool will suit serious gardeners just as it is an excellent introduction to novices out there. You can literally waste a whole weekend designing your dream garden from the comfort of your loft apartment! Download it now and you’ll soon be in green fingered heaven!

A Smarter Way To Garden?

Try both of these apps for some excellent ideas for your next project, or just use them to while away those hours on a winter evening – up to you!

Nancy Baker, the author of this post, is a freelance blogger who writes for Lump Sculpture Studio, specialists in laser cut screens. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and spending time with her family.

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