Geeks, Are You Taking Right Care of Your Favourite Gizmo?


Every electronic gadget and appliance needs proper maintenance and care. If you use your favourite gizmo as it is, without taking care of it, it will soon quit on you. Whether the gizmo of your choice is a big screen HDTV, a smartphone or a high-end computer; it needs to be taken care of the right way. Read on to learn a few tips on how to take care of your favourite gadgets properly.

Clean Your Gadgets

Cleaning your gadget

Most electronic gadgets come with screens – TVs, cameras, phones, etc. A dirty screen with lots of smudges will not give you the quality performance you’d expect out of your gadgets. The screens are delicate and risky to clean, so you might not clean them regularly. If you want to get proper display out of these screens, you can simply clean them by using a microfiber cloth. This is the kind of cloth that is provided for cleaning spectacles. You can get one from electronic stores, camera stores or online.

Using this cloth, wipe the screen gently without putting too much pressure on it. In case of stubborn spots, apply gentle pressure. Don’t scratch it with your nails as this can cause permanent scratches on your screen.

If this doesn’t work, you need to clean it with a wet cloth. Be careful not to use any glass cleaning material or alcohol. You can either use LCD-cleaning solutions or buy distilled water for use. Don’t apply liquid directly on the screen and make sure the device is turned off while cleaning with a wet cloth. In case of TVs, unplug the device. If it’s a camera or a phone, remove the battery if it’s possible.

Spray the solution on the cloth; wipe gently to remove any stains or smudges. Wait for the screen to dry before switching the device back on. In case of TVs, you can use the same cloth to clean the TV frame. Do not let humidity and moisture get into your device air-vent.

Protecting your phone or other gadgets

Many of us carry our phones and other small gadgets in our pockets and purses and take them everywhere. Sometimes, they can get scratched by other things that you keep in your pocket or
purse. Make sure you get a suitable good-quality body cover and screen protector for your device to avoid any ugly scratches. Turn off the phone’s touch-screen before you keep it in your pocket. This will preserve its battery life.

Caring for your camera

Devices like cameras need to be cleaned regularly along with the lens. To take proper care of your camera and lens, you need a blower brush. You can use this to remove the majority of dirt from your camera lens. If this doesn’t work, you can use a microfiber cloth to clean the remaining dust.
In case of pocket cameras, you need to turn on the camer in order to clean it. For DSLR lenses, you need to take proper care of the sensors.

Cleaning your camera needs to be done diligently as any part can get damaged with excess force, you can also take it to a professional to get it maintained. Whatever the size of your camera is, make
sure you get a carry case or bag as it’s best not to carry it around with the rest of your things.
By taking proper care of your favourite gizmo, you can ensure its longevity and also get your
money’s worth for it.

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