Get iOS 6’s Novel Features in Android Right Away


Apple’s big move of the time is iOS 6. It features several exciting updates but as Android user, you need not to be disappointed. You can have the best of the novel features of iOS 6 in your Android device right now. Google will take long to deliver the same in Android but there are some really good Android apps that can let you feel the same excitement which nowadays iOS 6’s users are experiencing.

iOS 6’s Novel Features in Android

Do Not Disturb and Reply with Message:

The feature Do Not Disturb in iOS 6 is pretty functioning to silence all notifications as well as Reply with Message allows you to respond to missed calls with a text message.  It lets other knows why you are unavailable. But don’t get disappointed as you can have these features on Android too. You can use Mr. Number for Android. It is a full dialer replacement that allows you to respond with both SMS and Do Not Disturb Features. Compose your own response and the app is able to respond to incoming text or calls, even if your phone is in airplane mode.  Auto SMS and Auto Reply are some other apps for the same function.

Passbook for Centralized management for tickets, gift cards, and boarding passes:

With Passbook iOS 6 offers a central app that allows users to manage boarding passes, gift cards, itineraries, and more.  But if you want to manage these requirements on Android, you need to use more than one app. Use TripIt to build custom itinerary based on your ticket boarding passes, calendar appointments, and more. Pro version of the app notifies you of travel delays, warnings and cancelled flights. It also lets you find alternative transportations and a lot of others. For rewards cards you can install Key Ring. It is the best app to replace your wallet with your phone. You can install Fandango and Flixster to buy and keep Movie, Concert, and Event Tickets on your phone.

Improved voice control

With iOS 6 Siri can do some more tasks such as to launch apps, read Yelp reviews, and look up sports scores. There is still no perfect match available for Android. Android does not have an inbuilt feature like this but you can get this through third party apps. Newer Android powered phones, e.g. such as Samsung’s Galaxy S3 have S Voice. It lets you send SMS by voice, search local businesses and food options, launch apps and make calls. It is like your assistant and you can activate it by speaking to it. Other virtual assistant for similar functions operations are Assistant and Jeannie.


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