Give Your Leadership Qualities A Shot In The Arm With These IOS Apps!

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Whether you are an established CEO in a large company or a junior partner looking to make an impression, the way that you handle difficult and challenging situations is vital to the respect that you command. Carrying out your daily duties in an organised manner is merely the tip of the iceberg, because every single activity needs to be completed with the qualities that single you out as a team leader. If you are looking for some inspiration or feel that your mojo needs a bit of attention, why not look at some iOS apps that promise to bring a lot of positive qualities to the leadership table. This article looks at some of the better ones available on iOS Market for your immediate perusal- Enjoy!

100 Ways to Motivate Others by Steve Chandler – Free

This app will run on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and it requires iOS 3.0 or later for smooth running. If you are perceived to be a leader of men and women, you will need to possess some serious motivational qualities, and then some! They say that you need to born with these qualities but we say – Rubbish! You can learn these skills and this app is certainly an excellent source to draw from. Steve Chandler is a best-selling author who has written a number of accredited books on this subject. This handy guide contains more than enough tips and expert knowledge to get even the most lackadaisical manager back in the game. You will learn some very cool concepts that are already proven to work amongst the cut and thrust of modern business practices. You need to be able to motivate yourself before inspiring others to step up to the plate and that is certainly addressed here. We love this app and soon you’ll be working with the most positive team in your company – Download it now!

Interview Prep Questions By simpaddico – Free

This app will run on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and it requires iOS 3.1.2 or later for smooth running. Any leader worth his or her salt will be a whiz when it comes to interviewing current and potential staff. It is a skill that can take years to develop and some people never manage to get past the first hurdle. This app will certainly help to tweak your interview skills to a new level, and it can work for interviewees as well! The easy to use interface allows you browse through the contents with ease. You can use the flash card feature to save your favourite questions and you can also create your own and add them to the mix. You will get some of the toughest questions in existence and a list of possible answers. Each of these answers has a hidden meaning and you can soon read the applicant like an open book. After a few hours, you will soon be able to put together a very searching and competent interview layout. Just ensure that your candidate doesn’t have access to the same app!

iOS Apps Lead The Way!

Each of these apps will be able to boost your leadership qualities, so get them both while they’re still free!

This post is authored by Nancy Baker. She is a freelance blogger currently working with Leading Teams, providers of change management training. She likes to share her knowledge and opinions via blogging.

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