Headsets That Are Wireless But Far From Useless

Primitive Mind of the Consumer

When headphones were first unveiled to the public in 1910, Nathaniel Baldwin was hailed as a great innovator. His invention has developed since then, and has become the sleek, high performance headphones and ear phones of today. They have had many upgrades and technological advances over time, and none have been more useful than the development of the wireless headset. Although they are everywhere in society, we probably overlook their usefulness, and the way they have been adapted. Below are a few uses that millions of people put them to every day.

In the Office

There are offices all over the world, where row after row of telesales staff are plying their trade. I have worked in this environment, and there is nothing as annoying as spending your days moving cables out of the way, or accidentally pulling a headset set off. Life has been made more convenient for headset users, and has even enabled a walkabout telephone conversation. Many people think and work best on their feet, and the wireless headset as made this possible.

In the Car

Safety while driving your car is obviously of paramount importance; therefore, putting yourself into dangerous situations is to be avoided at all costs. With the advent of the mobile phone, telephone conversations involving the drivers of vehicles, has meant an increase in traffic accidents. Picking up a mobile phone, answering it, and having a long conversation, could have disastrous effects for drivers. Wireless headsets, worn from the start of a journey, can reduce the problem a great deal. If you need to talk on your phone while driving, you can now call somebody through voice activation and have a conversation without your hands leaving the steering wheel.

Security Services

Security services, such as law enforcement officers and government agencies, have always been at the forefront of headset use. The ability to be able to keep in constant touch with others in your team, while still being able to use both hands to complete other tasks, is obviously a bonus for people in dangerous situations. Imagine trying to un-holster your firearm, while holding an earpiece to your ear. It would slow you down and put your life in peril. This is a lifesaving situation, and calls for the latest technology to help save the good guys.

Head of Operations

Imagine trying to run a big operation, such as the setting up of a festival or even a large wedding, and spending hours with your mobile phone glued to your ear. Using a wireless headset not only makes these conversations more comfortable, it will also make you look like you are in control, as you sign for arriving consignments and look over proposals. Once again, your hands are free while you give instructions, or have a telephone meeting with clients.

The wireless headset may not be the greatest invention of the last century, but it has proven to be useful to so many people, that it is impossible to ignore the fact that it has made life much better.

Nancy Baker, today’s guest writer, is a freelance blogger who writes for HeadsetsOnline, a leading dealer of cordless headsets in Australia. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to soft music.

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