How to Manage Hard-drive Partitions Using EaseUS Partition Manager


Is your hard-drive running out of space or data on your computer is getting messed up?

Then I have a solution for you!

Since today I am going to share an amazing guide to manage hard-disk partitions using EaseUS Partition Manager.

This is always the case when our C Drive gets full or our partitions get unmanaged due to improper storage of files. Due to such lack of care, our PC get slow and we feel like breaking our computer. This is the story of every second computer user.


So to keep this story aside and let you guys enjoy your computer at its fastest pace. You need to take care of few things and managing hard-disk partition is major part of that process. So in order to put this guide into practice let me take you to the guide.

Quick Review on Partition Manager by EaseUS

Let me share a quick review on Partition Manager to give you some basic idea about it.

There are different tasks which Windows Partition Manager Software Perform. It let you resize partitions in order to solve low disk space problem and optimize your hard-drive. Amazing thing is that, resizing can also be done on NTFS without rebooting your computer.


If you want to merge different partitions into one then this manager can definitely help you out. You can use its Merger feature to combine different partitions into one. Moreover, if there is a large size partition on your computer then you can also split that into smaller partitions.

Another interactive feature of it is allocation of unlocated space on your hard-drive. It is often the case that we leave few GBs of hard-drive unlocated then you can use this manager to locate that free space to particular partition.

It also comes up with different conversion features in the following manner;

• Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk
• Convert Between Primary and Logical
• Covert between MBR to GUID partition.

Furthermore, it also allows you to copy your entire hard-drive to another location, copy any one partition, upgrade system disk to another partition and start boot from there, covert between hard-drive types without system re-installation.

It also comes up with different utility software which backs up this complete package. That utility package comprises of following tools;

• Partition Recovery tool which let you recover deleted or lost partition
• Disck cleanup and optimization tool
• Tool to repair RAID 5
• It let you Format disks easily
• Create WinPE bootable disk using this manager
• Permanently Delete options in order to wipe out sensitive data.

Mange Hard-Disk Partitions using EaseUS Partition Manager or Partition Magic

So here are the steps which you need to follow in order to manage the partitions on your computer. If you have some budget and want to ensure quality and swift work then I would recommend you to use Partition Manager software of EaseUS which is paid or you can opt Partition Magic which is free to download and then pay for few extra services.

• Firstly, Grab Partition Manager or Partition Magic for your computer; it depends on your budget whichever you choose
• After that you need to Install it on your computer
• Now simply follow some on-screen instructions to run the scan for any particular partition or disk
• The rest will be done by this amazing Manager
• This was it!

Final Pick

This was our guide on managing your partitions. I am sure you guys must have found this Partition management guide helpful and it must have brought amazing results. If you are facing any trouble or confusion while following our guide. Then lend your questions in comments, any of our team member will get back to your queries as soon as possible.

Has it helped you solving your issues? If it has then don’t forget to share this with others who might be facing similar issue and your share may help them out.

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