How to Wipe Mac data?


When you delete a file it isn’t really removed from the Mac disk. The data of file remains on the disk until another file is written over it. Same thing happens when you reformat a hard drive for further use. The free space on the drive is just marked available to be written with new data.The operating system (OS) only removes the reference to the file from the file allocation table. We’ve all heard the horror stories about buying a used hard drive at a flea market and then finding tons of personal data left on the drive by the previous user of that hard drive. In such cases, personal data can be misused.

Wipe Mac data

To get rid of data theft, every Mac users should wipe data completely before sailing hard drive. To make sure your files are get deleted permanently, you should wipe free space of your Mac hard disk frequently. Wiping is the process of removing data completely, beyond recovery. There are many third party tools available or recommended by expert. Mac Wipe module of Stellar

Drive ToolBox : helps to remove all data permanently from Mac hard drive. No other tools can recover that data. It is very easy and safe tool to delete data; even you can remove data from particular file or volume. There are two options inside this tool, File Wipe and Drive Wipe.Mac users can remove data as per their requirements.

Drive Wipe:-With the ‘Drive Wipe’ option, you can permanently erase the content of your entire Mac in a single click. You only need to choose the correct drive and Mac disk wiping algorithm to finish up the process.

File Wipe:-With this ‘File Wipe’ option of this file eraser utility, you can permanently erase files, folders, free space, Internet activity, system traces, recent file histories and instant messages from you Mac system.

Key Features – Stellar Wipe

It wipes any particular file from the system volume.
It performs hard drive wiping in just one go.
It allows scheduling the wiping task on specific categories of data.
It allows setting standard Mac disk wiping algorithms for specific folders or files.
It helps to increase efficiency of the Mac drive by wiping unused space.

Wiping helps to make sure that no one can misuse your personal data.

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