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App Feedback

These days, mobile applications are a part of everyday life. There are countless apps available to the public, and business owners all over the world are cashing in on their popularity. Like many modern businesses, yours may already have an app. However, is it performing as well as it should be? Here are a few big things you may want to improve about your app’s UI.

App UI

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Was your app made with responsive design in mind? If not, then this is something you really need to go back over. When smartphones were first released to the public, all apps were more or less uniform. However, times have changed, and you need to accommodate for those changes. These days, consumers will be able to download your app to a wide range of devices and operating systems. This need for responsive design has made ios app development a niche in itself! Your app might run brilliantly through a Galaxy, but be full of glitches when you try to download it to an iPhone. With the rise of smartwatches, responsive design is even more important. Make sure you’re not neglecting it!

App User Interface

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You can do a lot of good for your app by making sure the UI is simple. This is something that’s been emphasised ever since apps came into existence. However, some business owners and designers still manage to ignore it! Don’t misinterpret what I’m saying here. “Keeping it simple” isn’t just making sure the visual design is minimalist. It means that your customers will be able to open the app, and start using it straight away without having to scour any forums or look up any tutorials. If there are a lot of functions top your app, then make sure you organise it in a clear and simple way. Sort the different sections into broader categories, and code them with colours and icons. It may be hard, but look at your app as if you were a first-time user. If there’s anything that would confuse you, then get back to the drawing board!

App Feedback

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Finally, give your app’s users a platform for feedback. Right now, you’re reading advice for someone who’s never heard of your app, let alone used all its features. The best way for you to improve your user’s experience with your app is by asking them how it went. Add a feedback feature to your app, and try to make sure there aren’t any bugs! When you’re still in the design stages, get some members of your target audience to come in and try it out. You might have a feature which is perfectly functional, but dated or unnecessary to your audience. Whether you incentivise your customers through social media or pull random Guinea pigs off the street, be sure to get some feedback. Don’t forget to act on it too!

Open up your business’s app, and consider all three of these points. If there’s anything it’s lacking, fix it straight away. Without a useful and reliable app, you’re practically sending customers to your competitors!

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