Important Apps for Android Tablets


Today, most of the tablets and smartphones feature Android. An Android tablet can perform almost all of the tasks that can be done in a PC. However, in order to get most out of the device, you need to grab some of the best apps from the Google Play store. It is certainly a difficult task to choose best apps from millions out there, but I have managed to pick some of the essential apps that will help you make your device more flexible, cooler and faster.



Trillian is a messaging app which can be obtained for free. All the services like Yahoo Messenger, Twitter, Google Chat and AIM is supported by this app. You need to set up a Trillian account in order to use it. The credentials are stored in the cloud. Background notifications are also supported by this app. Advertisements are seen on the free version, and they can be removed by purchasing the pro version which costs $12 per year.

SwiftKey 3 Tablet Keyboard

The Android devices come with on-screen keyboard. They are fine for typing short notes, but may not be proper for typing longer notes. The $4 SwiftKey keyboard is the better option, which will make you an accurate, faster typist. The SwiftKey provide some guesses at word when you type some letters, and you can choose your word with a touch. It also allows you to store your frequently used terms on a custom dictionary. It offers two layouts for keyboard, a split layout and the conventional full keyboard.

1Password Reader

Modern life demands for the strong passwords, but they can be difficult to keep in mind sometimes. If you are also facing the same problem, then there is a solution for you, which is 1Password Reader. You can securely copy your passwords onto your device from the Mac or Windows version of the program. Apart from passwords, 1Password Reader also can store information including credit card details, secure notes, and identities. A Dropbox account can be used to sync the details or you may also copy them manually.


A built-in Web browser is included in most of the Android tablets. With Android 4.1 Jelly Bean , Google has introduced its browser popularly known as Chrome for the high-end tablets. Compared to previous offering of Google, the latest version is easier to use, better looking, and much faster. It supports HTML5 and is much faster and smoother than the Firefox. Using a Google account, you can sync the passwords, open tabs, and bookmarks. Except the support for Chrome apps or extensions, it provides most of the choices of its desktop cousin. This browser is available for free on non-Jelly Bean tablets.

QuickOffice Pro HD

The QuickOffice Pro HD allows users to edit and open Office files, including PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. The price of this app is $8. Using this app you can retrieve your files from cloud storage account, so you can save, edit, and grab a document form anywhere anytime. It is even capable of opening PDF files.

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