Know the basic functionalities DAM software must provide you


Playing with digital files is never a fun when you work for web-based clients.  You have to be really fast, interactive, flexible, systematic and high performing throughout. All these characters must visualize in your work flow – top to bottom. If you are managing real-time client projects and users using web-based admin, perfection and on-time delivery is a must.

DAM software

But how do you ensure that level of efficiency without considering software help?

If digital data is more than an asset in your case you can’t help but integrate Digital Asset management services in your organization. You need a reliable system that can store, monitor, version, secure, evaluate, approve, search, store increasing number of digital assets. These could be raw data, images, video, flash files, 3D models, adobe, documents, source code – anything that support visual workflows.

But how do you do that?

It is simple. You need to consult Digital Asset Management (DAM) consultants and install feature-rich digital asset management software in your client servicing end.  But before you purchase a DAM product referred by your consultant check out its compatibility factor and other essential features.

Here are a few checkpoints you must keep in mind

  1. Does the software help you respond to online clients at digital speed? Does it consider web-based approval, automatic publishing, and automatic job delivery?
  2. Is the DAM software good enough to save you administration cost, storage and networking costs? Do they entail data-squeeze technology, project-specific security system and delegate project administration?
  3. Know if the asset management software gels together with creative professionals?  It is important that the software facilitates creative collaboration with creative professionals. This requires the software to provide faster version control, Plug-ins for creative tools and visual search options.
  4. Project leaders handling onsite job should be able to manage creative projects efficiently. Make sure the software reduces project cycle time, approve workflow system on behalf of manager and thus enhance performance.
  5. Last but not the least is cost-benefit ratio. DAM software must give you quick ROI. This can be done through reducing customer engagement time and effort.

Once you are thoroughly used to these prerequisites it is time to look for advanced features.  DAM software can be an excellent tool for digital asset versioning if you buy the right product from the right company.

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