Make Ringtones on Mac Using Garageband


Do you want to make a ringtone on a Mac? If you do, then you will learn some simple steps to turn your favorite song into ringtones in this article below.


Things You Need to Make a Ringtone:

  • Internet connection
  • E-mail address
  • A Mac with GarageBand installed
  • A mobile phone with the ability to receive media messages
  • A song of your choice

Steps To Make a Ringtone:

1. Select a Song: Pick a song that you like the most. It would be better to select a song that you think describes you.

2. Import the Song into GarageBand: Once you have chosen the song, click and drag it to the GarageBand. If you are copying the song from a CD, locate it and click and drag it into the program. Click and drag the song from iTunes if it is in iTunes. A green plus sign is seen in the window of GarageBand when a song is imported in it.

3. Position the song: Then you will need to position the song properly. Move the song all the way to the left to make sure that the beginning is on the left side.

4. Remove unneeded and additional tracks: There might be a piano track or other various instruments when you make a new song through GarageBand. You can delete those unneeded tracks.

5. Edit the unnecessary parts of the song: Determine the portion of the song that you would want it to be the ringtone. It will be troublesome to send larger file to your phone, so it is better to choose the portion of the song anywhere from 10 to 20 seconds. In order to delete the unnecessary portion you will have to:

  • Click on the eye tool button
  • Highlight the unneeded portion of the song
  • Press delete button to delete the remaining parts

6. Position the song once more: The song may not be all the way to the left once you have edited the unneeded parts, so move it to the left one more time.

7. Move the purple arrow of end of song to the last part of the song: You should move it to the end of the song to make a smaller file. It will take few seconds depending on the length of the song which was dragged. Once the purple arrow is seen, drag it to the end of the song.

8. Import the song to iTunes: To import the song into iTunes, click on Share button and then select Send Song to iTunes. You can fill the required information in the box below.

9. Email the Song to your mobile phone: Compose a new email with your email account. Put whatever information you want on Subject, Message, and To. Select the suitable ending for the email address depending on the service you have. For example, Spring: @messaging., AT & T: and so on.

10. Then a Message will be received by your phone: Save the message as a ringtone once it is received. Then you can set it as a ringtone for your phone.

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