Mobile Gaming Apps To Play This Summer

Mobile Gaming Apps

Mobile gamers have it easy. With new game releases almost daily, you’re spoilt for choice with the sheer volume of games that are available. Unlike console gamers, who typically have to wait until the autumn for the newest releases, mobile gamers have access to games easily at their fingertips, ready to play the hours away.

Narrowing down this huge choice isn’t easy, but this quick rundown of the top current mobile gaming apps is a great starter for ten. Check out these top mobile gaming apps to try this summer.

1. Blek

The best and most addictive mobile games are arguably the simplest. Think Flappy Bird, Snake, Angry Birds, etc. Mobile games are easy to become addicted to, and you’ll love Blek, a brilliant game of lines and dots that is simple in style but challenging nonetheless. Find out everything you need to know about Blek and start playing!

2. Final Fantasy XV

The Final Fantasy franchise turned 30 last year, and it’s still going strong across various platforms. It’s latest mobile game release, Final Fantasy XV, is one of the market’s top strategy games, offering some excellent gameplay to enjoy and the chance to connect with other users. Get more info on Final Fantasy 15 and get stuck in. The game is available on several mobile devices, allowing you to play on your chosen phone type.

3. HQ

If you haven’t heard about HQ, you might want to see what all the fuss is about. The concept is easy. Simply compete against thousands of others for a cash prize by answering a load of trivia questions posed by a live host. The questions get harder each time, and those who make it to the end will split the cash prize. Prizes vary from anywhere between £1,000 and £20,000, so it’s worth throwing your hat in the ring.

4. Stranger Things: The Game

Love Stranger Things on Netflix? Then it’s worth checking out this fun and familiar game. Bringing retro pixels back, this game is set in the 80s like the show, and it looks like it is too. It’s great for both fans and non-fans with plenty of puzzle play and problem-solving to enjoy.

5. Florence

Who wouldn’t want to play a game about love and romance? An interactive storybook game, you help to navigate Florence through her daily activities and first love, bringing a fresh new twist on the interactive story game genre. It’s a simple concept, but certainly one that will get you hooked. The graphics are also beautifully put together, which makes it one of the most attractive mobile games to play at the moment.

Mobile gaming apps are continuing to go from strength to strength, with plenty of new releases to get yourself stuck into. As they move more in-line with online gaming trends, it will be interesting to see how mobile games continue to evolve in the coming months. Need to pass the time this summer? Download some of the mobile games above and see what all the fuss is about!

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