Mosquito Repellent App: New Technology Can Be Used To Repel Pest

Mosquito Repellent App

We want to make our community a better place and safeguard the neighborhood from unwanted bugs, pests, and mosquitoes. There are two ways to achieve it. Either you contact pest exterminators in your area to remove household pest infestations and continue the drive at a community level. Referring to can be a good source of pest control service experts. Else, you seek assistance from the latest technologies to control pests to some extent.

New technology has been doing rounds throughout the internet claiming that an Android or iOS application is able to drive away mosquitoes.

Let’s find out if this technology works and how it works.

The Fact About Mosquito Repellent Applications

There are a lot of applications claiming to send out high-frequency sounds and that resulting in driving away mosquitoes away and however, that sound is not audible to human ears. But do these applications do what they are made for?

If you search for the evidence to back up the fact that this technology works then you’ll get none of the scientific evidence proving that mosquitoes are driven away by high-frequency sounds. These applications are not useful for driving away mosquitoes let alone and saving you from bites.

Although, there are a lot of other ways to get rid of this crawler creature. For example, mosquito net is the most efficient method to get rid of mosquito bites and it is recommended by CDC as well.

These apps can give you extra protection to repel them but it won’t be able to help you in large infestation, you have to use IPM ( Integrated pest management) strategy to control the situation.

Why These Applications Are Developed in the First Place?

It’s because the developer’s purpose is to generate revenue from advertisements within the application and serve it to the ill-informed consumers looking out for a direct solution to the mosquito bites.

The ultrasonic devices for repelling mosquitoes available on Amazon is going to do a lot better job than these applications.

Upon trying different applications, removing cases, and adjusting the position as well as frequencies inside application and nothing seems to annoy the little mosquitoes. For some, it might scare away the mosquitoes but there are over 3500 species of mosquitoes and all are not same.

The ultrasonic emission on mosquitoes is scientifically tested. All the tests show no effect on mosquitoes neither on high frequencies nor on low frequencies. In fact, in one of the studies, mosquitoes apparently bite anything near them when such frequencies were released in the air.

However, putting all aside from some species or at least some people claimed that it is working for them. For the sake of it, I am discussing more such applications which really worked for some people.

Pest Repellent Sound (Android)

This application is available on the Play Store for free. The concept of the application is easy; it produces the annoying sound which drives away the mosquitoes from your smartphone speakers.

There are three modes in the application however upon testing it myself none of them worked on the species of mosquitoes I have in the house. Try your luck.

Mosquito Sound (Android)

The mosquito sound application uses the same concept of high-frequency sounds. However, the app developers themselves mentioned that it might not work and is not proven by science. They allow you to test it yourself if it works.

You can download this application from the Play Store for free and test it yourself.

Anti Mosquito Repellent Application (iOS)

This application is available on the App Store for free. The concept is same as above application however in this application you have the ability to choose the frequency at random. This seems to be a good feature.

The mosquitoes, some people drive away using the frequency said that at about 17KHz the mosquitoes started to drive away. This application also provides you with some kind of tips to repel this little buzzing blood-sucking pests.

Upon testing it myself, I couldn’t say if it actually worked. However, you can try your luck and let us know in the comments.

Does Ultrasonic Sound Really Drive Away Mosquitoes?

There is clearly no scientific evidence for it. In 2001, FTC gave warning to manufacturers of such ultrasonic devices to not make claims without evidence.

However, there is completely no harm in using one of these ultrasonic sound devices as

  • It doesn’t cause any environmental pollution
  • No effect on human ears as it is inaudible.
  • It could kill mosquito larvae and mosquitoes thermally due to heat.

There is almost nothing you lose over downloading a free app and check if it works. Although it is not recommended to use it around children thinking that it might be working and that’s clearly not a good idea. You can check and try on for yourself.

But do remember that actually in practice, the high-frequency sound literally annoyed some of the mosquitoes but they don’t go away instead they started biting everything around which is really not good. As much as the kid is concerned, you can safely use the netting system to protect the kids from getting bitten by the pesky pets.

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