News and Rumors about Amazon’s Phone


Rumors for Amazon phone started in end of 2011. IT experts made prediction about this device but they did not have any clear evidence regarding its release.  Amazon is going to launch its new smartphone soon; we will talk here on the basis of the reported rumors about this gadget:

Rumors about Amazon's Phone


There are rumors that phone is going to launch very soon, but it is still in development and design phase. Rumors related to the development of gadget are in the market because users expect more from the developers as compared to other professionals.


Device is expected to provide enhanced usability appearance to the users along with its superb interface and design. One of the major reasons about the rumors regarding usability is that the users didn’t attain much of satisfaction level from previous mobile devices and they are looking for more advance gadgets.

Operating System:

Operating system, which this Amazon phone is going to adopt, is Android. Android operating system makes best use of Java platform, which is open-source and platform independent. There are lots of expectations regarding more user-friendly and interactive operating system for the mobile users.

Rumors about Phone Test Phase:

Testing and quality assurance of any device is mandatory and without these phases, the device can never be available for marketing. No device exists anywhere in IT market, which is 100% tested and quality assured. According to the news Amazon’s phone is tested by the most experienced and proficient team. Everyone is expecting the availability of Amazon phone with minimum errors.

Screen Size:

Screen size of this Amazon phone is expected to be 4 to 5 inches along with super color display and beautiful themes. This screen size is expected because now people do not want to have very small device sizes or displays.


An awesome and unique feature, which was never introduced before, will be its processor. There are news that the device is going to have a zippy processor, a high quality camera, high-technology volume controls, high-performance HDMI port, and maximum storing capacity.

Cost and Resolution:

Cost and resolution of this coming device will be far better and improved than old devices. Amazon never launched such phone covering almost all features at such a reasonable rate. Kindle was there before but it was not affordable by many users. Therefore, rumors related to low cost gadget are here because everyone wants to achieve maximum within limited budget.

Rumors Regarding App Suit and Other Features:

Application package, which this device is going to launch, is application suit that will cover all applications including messaging, browsing, and much more. Wi-Fi will also be one of the features, which will be provided by this Amazon phone. Besides this, many other features including contact list updating and GPS will also be available. Contact list updating is primarily concerned with updating as per location or mobile environments. Rumors are made by almost every IT expert regarding application packages because customers’ technological needs are increasing day by day.

Final Words:

The rumors and expectations will never end and they will remain till truth comes out. Same is the case here because till final release of this Amazon device, many people will predict many things as per their own expectations, but the fact is that the real thing will only be finalized after final release of this device.

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