Nokia 808 PureView! Beyond Our Imagination


Many a people are struggling to believe whether it is possible to have a pocket able camera as it is featured in latest Nokia 808 PureView! This is because the model is not a kind of any digital SLR rather it is just a Smartphone to have the biggest sensor ever. It is not only you or other interested people in this world but even Nokia employees are wondering how the company has brought 41 pixels into a Smartphone dimension. Yes, it has been a lot of research over the past 5 years and at last, it was a technical and engineering achievement for the company.

Launch of Nokia 808 PureView

Nokia 808 PureView

It was again the Mobile World Congress 2012, which witnessed the release of this massive Smartphone with 41 MP cameras. The people opened their jaws before they could believe what is going to happen in the next few months. It was really beyond our imagination which captured our attention. You will be suing this Smartphone, with highest counts of the pixels to shoot HD videos and capture still photos with a click. It is just the role of technology which has made everything possible. This camera is capable of sampling the previous 7 pixels into a single but pure pixel to help you eliminate all the visual signals found in other phone cameras.

Camera specifications and details – technology behind 41-megapixels

Nokia has been successful in achieving the feat in only few years by getting such a high count of pixels in any sort of phone camera. The company has not compromised with the interpolation technique or the individual size of pixels. The success story starts with the interpolation of microns, one thousandth of millimeter measuring unit for the camera pixels. So, either you are interested in cropping, editing or resizing your captured photo; you will be always looking for the pixel count. It is but obvious that the quality of any digital image or video will greatly depend on number of pixels. But the role of the optical sensors and its size cannot be rejected either. Each of the lenses should attract more photos to get excellent picture quality.

Other striking features of Nokia 808 PureView

1. Apart from having the biggest image sensor, this Smartphone offers playback option with 4X lossless zoom. You are free to capture any video with full 1080p HD recording facility.
2. First time, the company is using Nokia Rich Recording which provides the owners with excellent audio recording. The support for Dolby Headphone technology is also available.
3. The phone will run with a combination of 512 MB of RAM and 1.3 GHz processor.
4. The 41 MP cameras will come packed with LED Flash and Xenon Flash to give you better 30fps HD recording facility.
5. The Smartphone also has got USB OTG, Symbian Belle fp1, FM Transmitter and on-board storage of 16 GB.


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