Nokia “Here”Finally Obtains “iOS” Release


iOS or iPhone OS is a mobile operating system developed and dispersed exclusively by Apple Inc. Originally, iPhone OS is only for iPhone and iPod Touch but then it has been extended to sustain other Apple devices like iPad and Apple TV. Apple does not permit iOS to be installed on non-Apple Hardware until now. Nokia “Here’”had finally launched its iOS version of maps app service recently and it included an Apple App Store. This means that the new service is also compatible with the original Apple devices. The Nokia’s maps app show off numbers of convincing features and will undoubtedly take advantage of the rising problems encountered by iPad and iPhone owners – since they are using Cupertino’s own Maps app.

nokia HERE maps

According to the Nokia’s Executive Vice President of Location and Commerce Michael Halbherr;“Maps are truly hard to get right – but technology can transfigure the location into actuality”. That’s why they keep on developing and upgrading the technology to create the world’s most powerful source location device that will dominate the market today.

What is special about the Nokia’s “Here”iOS version?

Nokia Here is determined to provide easy access to all the developers’ mapping data without restrictions. In fact, Nokia “Here” services are already announced this including the availability of their new web-based versions. This new feature is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Additionally, the service can also run in an Android 2.2 and up version. Nokia also accepted its partnership with Mozilla. They are developing a plan to bring the map service in the company’s Firefox OS mobile web version sometime in 2013.The iOS Nokia “Here app” that is based on HTML5 obviously offers the following excellent functions:

  • It has the ability to save a geographical event if it is on offline mode unlike in Apple maps app
  •  It has a voice-guided feature to guide your walking directions.
  • It can feature public transport directions.
  • A certain company or user can update its collection service and save it to a personal account.
  • And last but not the least, Nokia “Here” has incorporated a Community View feature which will permits users to see its desired local community-sourced information.

The thrilling release of the Nokia’s version of Apple’s iOS is absolutely significant because of the distressing feedback to the company’s own Maps app. New upgrades of iOS 6 eradicated the known Google Maps from the usersof iPad or iPhone and replace it with Apple Maps. The quality and accuracy is gradually falling short of the consumers’ high expectations with Cupertino’s performance. Nokia’s new app is the first free-mapping service to compete with Apple’s version which caused a flap from both media and consumers reviews. Apple preferred to keep distance from its longstanding business partner Google Maps – to privately establish the new set up service. Nokia’s big bang is not the dead end of Apple Maps’ app actually. The developers will also take advantage of Nokia’s weaknesses and incorrect data to formulate another roll of strength against Nokia.An inside information that can be detected even without using an iPhone spy! After all, this is just a healthy business competition.

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