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Apple released its new operating system, Mountain Lion with 200 new features DATE – 25 july, 2012. System requirements for this OS is 4GB RAM, 8 GB free space, OS X 10.6.8 or later version of snow Leopard installed.  Mountain Lion has similar features of iOS devices such as iPhone’s iMessage communication software.  Mac user must maintain their Mac after installation of new Mac OS.Mountain Lion

 Steps to Optimize Mountain Lion:-

1. Clean startup items:

Some applications automatically set as a startup items which open with every restart or login. It takes unnecessary memory space and reason of slow startup. You can find and minimize the list here :– Apple Menu > System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items, Select items which you want to remove. However, be sure you are selecting right items because you may face problem at tyhe time of next Login.

 2.You have updated version of software:-

Updated software has not only new features but also  it provides safety and secure Mac Performance. Every Mac user should check software updates from Apple site.

 3. Watch your Hard Drive and repair files permissions:-

Another tips include keeping an eye on hard drive space. At least 10% of your drive available as free space. If you find less space in your Mac please, replace it with a larger drive, delete some unused applications or files. Sometimes , Repairing files permission(read, write) is also benificial.

 4. Keep Backup:-

Back up is a good way to be safe in data loss situation. There might be some data loss situation occurs like power failure, fire, hard drive failure etc. in such critical situation, you can recover data from backup.

 5. Clean Mac hard Drive:-

With the passage of time, system junks, caches, duplicate files, universial binaries are stored in system. Removing all these unnecessary things on regular basis will keep your Mac healthy. You can use third party tools to make this cleanup process fast and easy.

 Stellar SpeedUp Mac is one such cleanup tool. It helps to remove all junks files, language files, cache, duplicate files, widgets,  automatically. You can schedule cleanup process on hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. It provides facility to either clean whole Mac or selected volume of Mac. You can uninstall selected application, which you are not using.

 6. Memory Leaks:-

Do not keep your Mac running constantly or in sleep mode. If any running software has memory leaks, it will start to consuming more and more system memory. Memory leaks occurs when a computer program consumes memory but is unable to release it back to the operating system.

 Above described steps are simple and easy to use in parctice. If you follow these instructions for your Mac definitely, you will keep your newly installed Mountain Lion fit and perfact for good performance.

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