Optimize the Use of Your IPad By Few Simple Tips


Did you ever know you can connect the ipad to your HDTV and enjoy watching movies on the big screen? Apple’s ipad is a magical device capable of doing everything from streaming movies to playing great games. They make your life easier. Now that you are a proud owner of ipad, you can have a better functioning of it, provided you are aware of some of ipad’s tips and tricks. If you want to get the best from your ipad, you need to be educated on what it can do. Read on to find more about the ipad.

Optimize the Use of Your IPad

Locate or Track your ipad

In case you loose your ipad, you need not worry as ipad’s “find my ipad” feature helps you to locate your ipad on a map. To activate this feature, all you have to do is go to Settings>icloud and turn the Find My ipad option ON. This feature also allows you to send messages that remotely wipe your data. Hence, your personal data is not misused by the finder of your ipad.

Access Your PC Remotely

You went out on a holiday but forgot to copy some important files to your laptop. You need not worry as ipad helps you to retrieve the content. Several desktop-style tools present a live view of the PC, letting you control it as if you were right in front of the PC.

Connect ipad to your TV

The ipad offers a great entertainment value through its ability to stream HD video and play motor games. There are several options to connect your ipad to your HDTV and help you watch movies on a big screen.

SD Card

If you wish to download pictures from your camera onto your ipad, you can do so easily without using a third machine. Simply take out the SD card from your camera and fix into the ipad’s SD card slot. This is great way to deal with your pictures without any extra devices.

The Hard Reset

You probably never knew how to perform a hard reset when your ipad freezes. This is very simple; all you need to do is hold down the Power and Home keys for a few seconds. You watch your ipad restarts immediately. If you want to quit an application that has hanged, follow the same procedure with the Home button.

Easy mute

Suppose you are in the conference hall and you forgot to mute your ipad speaker. You can quickly do so by just pressing down the volume down button for few seconds without disturbing others.

Control notifications

Annoyed of getting endless notifications from apps you never use? Fret not, there’s a quick and simple solution. Simply go to Settings and then onto Notifications and select the apps which can pop up alerts that appear in the Notification Center.

Split the Keyboard

You can type easily by splitting up the keyboard of your ipad. All you have to do is position your thumbs at the center of the keyboard and pull it apart by swiping. Another method of doing this is to hit the little keyboard icon that is present at the lower right corner and swipe it up to split up the ipad keyboard into two parts.

Adjust Brightness

When you are in a dimly lit atmosphere, watching your ipad may sometimes strain your eyes. So, you have to adjust the brightness of your ipad. To do so, hit the Home button twice and swipe right until you come across the ‘brightness indicator’. Now adjust the brightness of your ipad.

Gain access to running apps

You may not be aware that there are many ipad apps running on your device at a given time, which sucks off the battery life. In order to access the running apps, simply double click on the Home button. It will give you the details of the current apps running on the device and if you are interested in a particular app, simply hit on that app on the bar. Thus you have access to that particular app.

These are some of the best tips, which help to optimize the use of your ipad. Hope, you’ll find them useful and share them with others as well.

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