Photography Apps Available for Android and iOS Users

Hannah Gregorio
Photography Apps Available for Android and iOS Users

You may not have to buy or have a digital camera or a professional DSLR to capture your life’s precious moments. All you need is your own Smartphone and you can shoot and snap to your heart’s content. You don’t even have to use a computer and photo editor program as you can adjust your image through downloading and using photography apps.

Photography Apps Available for Android and iOS Users

There are countless free and paid photography apps available for Android and iOS users. Many of these applications can do all sorts of effects such as colour enhancement, lomography and High dynamic Range of Rendering (HDR). You can even turn a JPEG to a GIF image in just one tap. Sharing your image to your friends and to the rest of the world can be a breeze as you can upload it on popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.


Instagram is perhaps the most popular and best photo application to date. Many smartphone users prefer it as it free but still havea wide selection of photo editing effects.It also has a user friendly interface, which allows you to view and even follow other users’ uploaded pictures. Earlier this year, Facebook bought the famous app with a staggering $1 billion.

Photo and Pic Collage

If you want to combine three or more images in one picture, then you should download Photo and Pic Collage. You can make your own collage by combining up to nine different images. You can also choose different designs of their frame layouts.


When you use PhotoFunia, you can be an astronaut, a pirate, an angel or anything else you want to be. This app allows you to attach your head to the body of a movie star, an elf and even Santa Claus. Besides from this amazing effect, you can also edit and enhance your photos.

Colour Splash Free

Colour Splash Free is another great app for taking pictures. What makes it different from other apps is it allows you to manipulate a certain colour aspect of your picture and retain some of the original hue. For instance, if you want to convert the colour of your image to black and white but you can keep the other detail in colour.

Paper Camera

When you want a camera app dedicated to drawn or painted effects, you should consider Paper Camera. This app is so devoted it has a minimalist paper-themed interface to complement its quirky and playful effects. Opening the app, you are able to take a picture almost immediately. You can change the pre-set Comic Boom by tapping the left and right keys. You can also adjust the contrast, brightness and line thickness. There is also a reset button if you are unhappy with your tweaks. If you already have an image you want to edit, you simply tap the paper icon to load it onto the app.


If you are looking for an app with a creative layout but still simple for the eye, go for Pixlr-O-Matic. Upon opening the app, you will see a wooden panel home screen with four thumbnails. From left to right, you can take a picture, upload, try the app’s effects with their three samples of images and see the last photo you have edited.

When you have taken a picture or uploaded an image from your library, you will be navigated to the editing screen. You can choose from the app’s three options such as overlays, effects and frames. Each category is unique different from one another. The overlay allows you to play with all sorts of shades of colour to your image. Effects, on the other hand, is a collection of light patterns such as stars and twinkles. As for the frames, you can add a polaroid-like border to your photo. This photo app boasts more than a 100 photo effects. When it comes to sharing, you can upload it to Facebook, Flickr and Dropbox or send it via email. You can also have it on the app’s photo sharing service.


ProCamera is the perfect choice for those who want to have an all in one camera application. When you use ProCamera, you feel like you are using a digital or even a DSLR as it has an anti-shake and a full-screen shutter. To top it all off, there is white balance, exposure and focus adjustment.

Other camera apps you should check out are the Hipstamatic and Vignette. Using a photography application is a great alternative to shooting and editing pictures traditionally. By just one tap, you can apply different effects and upload it in real time.

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