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A short video based Indian apps like AddaChats, ShareChat, etc.aresetting the new trend in the Indian app market. The Google Play store has many apps with the feature of short videos in the local Indian language, and most of them are equally popular. These 30 seconds video apps are giving super entrainment to the users. In India, the network is now more available at the most far and rural areas and that too on very reasonable price. Moreover, smartphones are also very much available in India at a lower price because of China’s manufacturing units. So people have all the sources to watch the short, funny videos in their language. Nowadays, many apps and websites created solely for Indian users no matter if they are in English or local languages as well. Moreover, if they are in local languages, they connect more with the audience.

Here in this article, we will find why the Indian apps of short videos in the local language are becoming famous and which are the best apps in this category?

The reason of Popularity for the short videos app in a local language

India is a wide country with a diversity of culture and language. As they say, after a few Km everything gets changed in India. So expecting all the Indians to be comfortable with only one or two languages is not possible. The app development in regional Indian language made it easy for those people who understand their native language only. These people made short videos based app more popular.

If we talk about those people who have a regional language,but they are comfortable with Hindi and English too. Usually, these people feel most comfortable with their native language only. The other languages are like official languages for them but the emotional relationship they carry with their native language only. If given option then most of them love to watch the videos in their native language only.

So, to conclude this, we can say that three factors are contributing in the popularity of short videos apps in the local language; the diversity of India, availability of Smartphone and reach of the network to the rural areas in reasonable price.

Best Indian apps of short videos in the local language

On Google Play store plenty of apps are available that offers lakhs of short videos in almost every Indian regional language. Here we are guiding you about the best apps of this segment.

So, here is the list of those apps which you must download to watch the funny content in your native language.


AddaChats is one of the best apps in the category of viral short videos in Local Indian Language. In this app, you can watch the viral videos uploaded on all different platforms. Here on AddaChats, you can watch the short 30 seconds videos in 10 different languages. This app not only shows the viral videos but it can make your video viral as well all you need to do is, just upload a video of yours. This app can be downloaded from here. You can use the short videos available on AddaChats as your WhatsApp status. 

Download AddaChats


Another popular app with many short viral videos in different Indian regional language is Share Chat. This app has a huge collection of 30 seconds videos in almost every Indian language. On Share Chat you can watch viral, funny, emotional videos and also upload them as your WhatsApp status. This app is available here at free of cost. 


Samosa is a rapidly growing app. it has content in 14 Indian languages. This app also has the feature of a user-generated short video. The user can create these videos and share them with their friends or with all the users of Samosa app. Most of the users of Samosa app is from Tier-II cities. This app is also available on google play store. Click here to reach to this app.

Clip India

The other famous app for the short videos in regional Indian language is Clip India. This app has more than 1 Lakh users. Clip India lets its users create videos, watch videos and download funny videos in Indian regional language. Clip India is easy to download on the android phone. You can download it from here.

These four apps are great options for the users who love to watch short videos in regional languages.  These types of apps also give the chatting feature in the regional language to their users.  Considering the popularity of short videos app in the local Indian language, any of the app abovecan keep you updated about all the viral short videos.

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