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Today, having just one type of income source isn’t enough. So, you are constantly searching for ways to earn more via different online platforms. But blindly believing on these platforms isn’t good as you may get cheated and instead of earning, you might lose your money.

To avoid all this with you, you can always use your skills to make money. If you are experts in a language and love sharing your knowledge, blogging is always the best to start with. You can start a blog and earn money via it by either doing affiliate marketing, backlink building, starting guest posting on your site, etc. With this, you will earn money in a safe way.

WordPress is the most popular, best and easiest option to start your blog. You will need to host your WordPress blog on the server to make it accessible to all. For this, MilesWeb’s managed and best WordPress hosting India is the best option.

Let’s check more about them.

MilesWeb – A Preface

MilesWeb today stands among the top web hosting providers and earned popularity within very less time span. Founded in 2012, the company has grown into a big venture, serving over 15000 customers globally. Recognized for customer satisfaction, they aim at offering the best web hosting service to their clients. Right from shared hosting to cloud hosting, they offer all types of web hosting services under one roof. MilesWeb offers a lot  of other hosting services like shared hosting, cheap reseller hosting, fully managed VPS and dedicated hosting, Amazon (AWS) cloud hosting, cloud backup, SSL security, etc.

Customer satisfaction is what they mainly focus on. Their experts are highly talented and resolve all the queries of their customers within very less time.

Let’s check what they offer in their managed WordPress hosting plans.

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Managed WordPress Hosting

Plans and Pricing



Get All This Free

Free WordPress Migration: Want to change your web host? You can always migrate your website to MilesWeb servers at free of cost. Just let them know the time when you want to migrate and they will do it for you without any data loss.

Free Domain: You don’t need to spend extra money on buying a domain. Get a free domain with their Heart and Diamond WordPress hosting plans. The domain is free for the first year and you have to pay the renewable charges from the second year.

Free SSL Security: You get a free SSL certificate installed on your website. This helps to keep the customers’ critical data secure. The SSL certificate is installed without any extra charges.

Get the Best Performance With This

Fast SSD Storage: SSD storage is offered with all the web hosting plans. SSDs use the flash technology that helps to store data at a faster rate as compared to HDDs.

Built For Performance: Their managed WordPress hosting plans are set on the latest Intel Xeon processors with SSD storage and hardware RAID 10.

Cloudflare Railgun: It helps to make the connection between your web server and the Cloudflare CDN as fast as possible.

GZIP/Botli Compression: The gzip compression software included in their WordPress hosting plans helps to improve the delivery time for sites of all sizes. Additionally, it reduces the amount of data sent from your server to the visitor’s browser and boosts your website speed. Furthermore, it helps to reduce the load on the server.

CDN: Integrated CDN in the WordPress hosting helps to increase the reach and performance of your website which improves your visitors’ user experience globally. Their CDN uses the gzip compression to decrease the data size and bandwidth cost, provides high-availability and helps in fast page loads.

Server-side Optimizations: Their servers help to boost the performance of your WordPress website as they are specifically configured. Additionally, enabling gzip compression, web server caching and setting cache headers also decreases the server load per visitor.

Caching: It is important to clear the cache in WordPress as this improves the loading time of a website. Their caching tool identifies the data that is required to load frequently and keeps it ready to load when a visitor browses for it.

Other Features

Secure Email: You can create unlimited email accounts on your managed WordPress hosting. Email addresses can be created with IMAP/POP/SMTP accounts.

Automatic WordPress Updates: Your WordPress core gets automatically updated by the software at the backend. You don’t have to update your WordPress version manually as their team keeps a track on the new WordPress releases and ensures that the updates related to critical WordPress platform get updated.

WordPress Pre-Configured: WordPress is already configured on your WordPress hosting which saves your time of setting up and configuring it.

Fast Provisioning: You can launch your next website project in just a few minutes due to the scalable cloud architecture.

Datacenter Choice: You get a chance to choose a datacenter location as per your targeted audience.

SFTP Access: You can transfer the files in a secure way between networked hosts with SFTP file transfer.

WP-CLI: Interacting with your website becomes easy using WP-CLI from the command line or programmatically.

Daily Backups: Daily backup of your website is taken automatically by tracking each change done on it and store it on their cloud. This helps in restoring your data when required. You need to pay additional charges for this feature.

Cloning: The one-click cloning tool helps in creating a complete copy of your website with all files, database, and settings.

Dedicated WordPress Support: Their team comprises of WordPress experts that help to resolve your queries at any time via live chat and email.

30 Day Money Back: You can get your money back if you aren’t happy with their service. But you should apply for a refund within 30 days of a service purchase.

99.95% Uptime: You get an uptime of 99.95% uptime with their Tier-3 and Tier-4 datacenters.


So, you can easily start your blog with MilesWeb WordPress hosting. They are the best because you get all the features required to host your website with ease.

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