Smartphones: Changing the Face of Communication

Smartphones Changing the Face of Communication

Dubbed as the future of wireless communication, the smartphone is the trend of the millenials. It has become SO successful that most of us could not go on a day without using ours.

What’s more, the growing competition among smartphone models is moving at a very rapid rate. Whether you’re using an android or iOS, the desire to upgrade is inevitable.

With smartphones, there’s no denying that we are now living in an always-connected world. Let’s take a look at how this device has made a difference in modern technology and in our daily activities.

Smartphones Changing the Face of Communication

All-in-One Gadget

Gone are the days when businessmen have to carry around a bag full of devices like a PDA, mp3 player, camera, e-book reader and GPS device. With a smartphone, you have everything you need all in one gadget. No additional carrying burden, just a portable device gives you all the functionality one would need, in a single device.

Communication Possibilities

While regular phones let you communicate through call and text, smartphones can do more than that. There are plenty of options to get your message across — email, chat, video conferencing and social media. Thus, connecting with your family and friends around the globe is instantaneous, convenient and often free.

File Storage

The latest smartphone models have an ever increasing memory capacity. Were now at a stage where it’s possible to use your phone as a mobile backup solution, storing and working on important reports, spreadsheets, and other documents whilst on the move. Some people even have their entire music and photo collection on their phones as well, although a combination of cloud storage, and local storage on the phone is still the most popular method, mainly due to the convenience rather than storage limitations on the mobile device.

Keep You Organized

Employees are always faced with meetings, conferences, product presentations and client meetings. With never-ending commitments, it’s always important to stay in the loop.

Having a smartphone will let you stay prepared for work through automatic reminders, personal organizers and diaries. You can review and edit appointments, take notes and check contacts and documents while you are constantly on the move. Hence, you stay prepared and organized.

Always connected

Since the birth of the internet, people have spent an ever increasing amount of time on their computers surfing the web, checking emails or Facebook, etc. However prior to the modern smartphone, one would need to be tied to a desktop or a bulky laptop, which wasn’t always practical.

However the smartphone has changed all of that, by allowing people to always be ‘online’ and reachable at all times, provided they had phone reception that is.

Gone are the days when you can use the excuse of ‘oh I’ll check it later, I don’t have access to the net at the moment’, or ‘I’ll have to wait until I get into the office to reply to that email’. This can be a blessing as well as a curse at the same time.
Smartphones these days are almost as powerful, if not on par as some laptops or desktop computers, sure it’s not as easy doing things on such a small screen or without a normal sized keyboard, but you still can get by with a smartphone. But the convenience factor of smartphone usually outweighs the downsides.

Rise of the Apps

While the late twentieth century gave rise to computer applications, the twenty-first century saw an increase in smartphone apps. Games and other entertainment apps are dominating the app scene but productivity apps are making our lives more and more organised, e.g. health and fitness apps which keep track of the calories you’ve consumed, the miles you’ve covered and your current heart rate.

Other apps like weather report, traffic information and transit apps aid in day to day activities. Furthermore, internet radio and podcasting apps let you listen to radio stations around the globe, anywhere and anytime.

Smartphones have definitely progressed from a web-enabled camera phone to an essential entertainment, communications and productivity hub. They are useful, flexible and convenient and can go beyond the typical desktop and other devices found at home.
With features that let you communicate by voice, chat and email, smartphones are quickly becoming a necessity than a luxury. If you have any doubts at how critical this device is to your life, try living 24 hours without one, and let us know how you survived.

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