Spend Well, Save More – These 4 iPhone Apps Keep Your Money Right Where It Belongs!

Nancy Baker

One thing that definitely beats your salary is the inflation mark. Each day you find that the purchasing power of the money you make is less than yesterday. With prices growing in geometric progression and your salary growing in arithmetic, a penny saved is truly a penny earned. So it helps if you shop smartly. Now, this isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Smartphone developers probably thought of it before us and developed apps that can help us with this. Today, we list apps that are must-haves in the inventory of any smart shopper. Take help of these apps and you will see that your money stays where it belongs; in your pocket.

Coupon Sherpa

True to its name, Coupon Sherpa is an application filled with coupons. If there is any existing coupon available for the store you intend to make your purchase from, all you have to do is search on Coupon Sherpa. You are sure to save money by using this app. You can also create a list of your favorite stores and see the coupons of these stores without having to search specially each time. Moreover, there is no printing involved. All you have to do is flash your iPhone on the counter and you will get the discount. Need more reason? Coupon Sherpa is currently free!

Coupon Sherpa

Find the app here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/coupon-sherpa-mobile-coupons/id309938343?mt=8


When out shopping, more often than not, I find myself comparing two similar products and wondering which is a better deal with regards to the quantity. The math is difficult and if you, like me, are not really fond of it, you will find yourself looking for a calculator. For people like us, the intuitive app developers have developed CompareMe. This app calculates which brand of product is giving you a better deal considering the price and quantity. All you have to do is enter the price, the quantity and the unit and the app will tell you which is a better buy and your savings depending on the choice you make.


Find the app here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/compareme-shopping-utility/id300814524?mt=8

Amazon Mobile

The recent surge in online shopping websites and their rising popularity is for all to see. Another thing that I find myself doing while out shopping is wondering how much would a particular product cost online. I discovered Amazon Mobile and it provides me the answer to this question, much to my relief. If you have the same kind of curiosity, Amazon Mobile will be a great download for you too. It can tell you all the details you need to know about the product, right from product specifications to the availability. If you find a better deal online, you can place the order from wherever you are, without having to wait.

Amazon Mobile

Find the app here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/amazon-mobile/id297606951?mt=8


It is said that if you need to download a shopping app on your mobile, this should be it. All you need to do is enter the QR code of the product manually or better yet, just scan the barcode using your phone. RedLaser will tell you the lowest price available for that product, considering online and local retailers. Apart from telling you the lowest price, the app also gives you all the other details you require pertaining to the store and the product. You can place the order using the app and wait for it to be delivered or just pick up from the store, whatever the case.


Find the app here: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/redlaser-barcode-scanner-shopping/id474902001?mt=8

Curbing your wishes or cutting short your shopping list is quite hard. Using these apps isn’t! Make the wise choice and go the smarter route.

Nancy Baker is the author of today’s article. She is a freelance blogger at Constant Comfort Home, a company that specializes in furnace installation in Toronto. She enjoys hiking and camping in her spare time.

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