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Just when Google Drive was hit in the market, another desktop application – Amazon Cloud drive which is considered as the first ever app from the company too was seen embarking. Though Amazon was rendering 5GB free storage space since past one year, however, there was no application which was available to make the Cloud Drive handy to use from the desktop unlike what you find under cloud storage apps. These all applications simply allowed the users to access and edit file directly from your file folder. So, now the game has changed, Amazon has come up with a desktop app for PC and Mac. You just have some limited amount of actions available at this application; however, it will certainly make things easier for its users.

Amazon Cloud Drive app

The following are the steps involved to get started with Amazon Drive app:

Download the application – Step 1

The basic step you need is to download the Amazon Drive app for PC or Mac and then install it. On installing over your PC, it would be seen with a small cloud icon in the system tray located in the lower right corner. Over the Mac based computer, the icon would appear in the menu bar over the top of your display.

Log in at Amazon account – Step 2

Once you install the application, you will come across a log in window for which you need an Amazon based account to use the app. While logging inside for the first time in the application you will find a tour window, skipping it would lead you to the fourth step. Or you can even click over the cloud icon found in the menu bar or inside your system tray in order to open the Amazon Cloud Drive. Unlike the other similar apps (Dropbox/Google Drive), you can access Cloud Drive through your web browser rather from your desktop folder.

Getting started with uploading – Step 3

There are basically three methods of uploading files, wherein two of these use the desktop app. In the first method, you can just drag a file/folder or several files/folders to the cloud icon in order to upload them over the Cloud Drive. In the second method, you simply right click over the file or folder to upload them. In the Mac systems, you need to select menu option-‘Upload to Cloud Drive’, whereas in PC, you can simply choose ‘Send to – Amazon Cloud Drive’.

In both these ways, the files/folders are added to ‘Upload folder’, which is generally created when you upload files for the first time through either method. Also, these actions are simply accessible through the cloud icon in your menu bar or system tray. In the third method, you can upload files/folders to any particular folder over the Cloud Drive by clicking over the cloud icon and selecting ‘Open Cloud Drive Website’. You can choose a destination folder from your Cloud Drive Page seen over the Amazon website before you start your upload process.

Downloading and managing your files- Step 4

You will not find any path to download the files at this application, at the same time; you cannot even drag a file from your Amazon Cloud Drive page over your desktop to download it. Instead, you are supposed to check over the box given next to it and click over the download button shown over the top side of your Amazon Cloud Drive page. To choose a destination folder for your download, you need to click over the cloud icon shown at your menu bar or system tray and select the Options (in Mac its Preferences) – Change Download Folder.

Wrapping up

You can find only limited amount of access to your Amazon Cloud Drive app as the file folder integration is not given. The changes, access and downloading has to be carried out over the web. To put in other words, you simply need high bandwidth to carry out the same. Overall, the application sounds good and worth trying if you have checked it as yet.

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